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Happy April Fool's Day 2009!

Jellypets LogoWe here at Jellyneo are proud to present a project we've been working on for quite some time now: a new pet site called Jellypets™! Jellypets™ will be debuting on May 1, 2009, but we're giving you a chance to preview it now. We are keen to learn from the mistakes of other sites, and as such we realize that the key to being successful is to give you all what you want rather than what we think you want. So we thought we would lay out what we had planned so far and then let you all get back to us on what you like, what you don't, what you'd like to see and so on.

What is Jellypets™?

Jellypets™ is a brand new virtual pet site based around 7 species of Jellypet™ and their adventures through Jelly World. For more information on the different species of pets you can adopt (and how to get one) click here.

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Jelly World is made up of four key areas: the icy, barren wastelands of the north, where dangerous things lurk; the enchanted forests, where swarms of fireflies converge at dusk to lift the gloom created by the heavy canopy above; the underground caverns, where only the bravest of pets venture because of the threat of Gremlins who dwell there; and the central location of Socko City.

What Can I Do With My Jellypet™?

You will be able to alter your pet's fur color and markings by visiting the friendly grooming parlor in Socko City, but your pet will also respond to how you choose to spend your time in the game. For example: time spent in the enchanted forest will build your pet's muscle structure and define its physique; long stints in the underground cavern will have an effect on your pet's eye color as it switches to adapt to the gloom; or if you spend more time in the icy landscapes your pet's fur will thicken and its ears will lengthen to better hear the Content Beast approaching. But more about him later.

Icy Wasteland
Guess who lives here ;)

The Content Beast will play a large role in your gaming experience; he dwells in a cave in the frozen wastelands of the north and employs a ruthless army of Gremlins to do his bidding. Among some of his more evil acts, he has enslaved the Socko race to work within his Diet Terry brewery located deep beneath the surface of Jelly World in the underground grottoes.

He demanded a constant flow of Diet Terry, so long ago he kidnapped all the Sockos and forced them to work in his underground factory, overseen by the Gremlins. The once proud Sockos were forced into becoming hapless puppets, working to appease their cruel master. Eventually an individual named Patriot Socko led a revolt and managed to escape to safety; his ideals of unity and friendship live on in young Sockos. If you show a Socko kindness and liberate it, they might just bless your pet.


Sockos are clever little creatures that don't let their lack of limbs get in the way. They're peaceful by nature, but some are known to go to great lengths to protect others.

The lovable, if slightly dim, Sockos are powerless to resist the Content Beast, but occasionally one breaks free of his clutches. These Sockos find their way to the surface of Jelly World and have founded Socko City, a bastion of freedom and peace. A safe haven for the vulnerable little Sockos who otherwise would do themselves a mischief, it is the hub of the Socko World. In the center of this peaceful city stands the statue in honor of the Patriot Socko, protector of Socko rights and liberator of countless enslaved Sockos.

So What Can I Do In Socko City?

You will be able to purchase food for your pet, with each species having their own likes and dislikes; then once they're filled up you will be able to sign them up for rescue missions to venture into the underground and liberate Sockos. Or if you don't fancy risking life and limb, you can indulge their playful side with a wide range of multi-platform games (still currently in the works) and toys to lift their mood. For a listing of items we have planned so far, check out the Market page!

Socko CrunchiesEvil Gremlin BallKuro PlushieIntellectuallySpectre Fish

If your pets get bored, you can always go on a tour of the other areas in Jelly World, who knows what you'll find nestling in a forest glade or partially buried in the snow? ;)

Whilst Jellypets™ can only die if they get sick, they can be injured and go into 'suspended animation' while completing quests in Jelly World. Should this happen, you'll be able to restore your Jellypet™ in Socko City, though they'll be returned to their baby form and you'll have to raise them all over again. If you're a regular quester then this may prove to be problematic. As such you may be interested in our mall feature...

What is The Mall?

The mall is a feature where you can purchase items to assist you with game play, rather than items to actually use in the game (like food and toys for your pets). At the mall you will be able to purchase items that will prevent your pet from regressing back to baby form when injured, as well as items to speed up the aging process for when you hatch a new pet. You'll also be able to purchase new fur markings and other accessories; such as extra horns, scales or fins for your pets as we release them.

Unlike items you can buy from the stores in Socko City, these items will need to be purchased with real life money and will be viewable in a special panel in your inventory screen.

We will post more information throughout today as you send us your feedback, so keep checking back and let us know what you think!

Update! For even more information on our project, check out the latest editorial for answers to a lot of commonly asked questions!

For posterity, here's the newspost we added announcing our creation:

Special Alert!
Hi there your name! You are eligible for the Jellypets closed beta test. Please click here to continue the registration. If you do not do it now, your position will be canceled and you must wait to be randomly assigned a new one.

Our Latest Project!
  • Posted by Terry
  • Posted on April 1, 2009, 12:05 am NST

We've been working tirelessly on a new project, and we're finally ready to unveil it! It won't be ready for a couple of weeks, but we decided to put together a preview so you guys can give us your thoughts and suggestions. :) Once you read up on what we've been working on, send in some feedback!


Click here for a preview!

Update! Due to the many questions and suggestions we've been receiving (thanks for all of the emails!), we decided to put together a mini-editorial to answer all of them in one spot. Read it now!

Also, "Azaron" is currently winning our Name the 7th Pet Poll! Vote now if you have not already! (Dave wants "Evad" to win, but it's in a miserable last place. :P)

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