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Trivia Challenge - 2016

For the sixth year in a row, we hosted a trivia challenge from December 26, 2016 through January 2, 2017. Eight Neopian trivia questions were presented in the bottom right corner of JN on each of the eight days of the challenge.

Trivia Questions and Answers

Day 1 (December 26th): True or false: Moltara won the Altador Cup this year.
Answer: False

Day 2 (December 27th): What season of the year is a Casera Slushie perfect for?
Answer: Summer

Day 3 (December 28th): How many points is a present worth in AAA's Revenge?
Answer: 10

Day 4 (December 29th): How many icons of earth damage does the Moar Blade deal?
Answer: 2

Day 5 (December 30th): In which Neopian land might you find Sailors Alley?
Answer: Shenkuu

Day 6 (December 31st): What item prize is only available for beating the Snowager on Medium difficulty in the Battledome?
Answer: Frozen Wand of Crystals

Day 7 (January 1st): Where did Topsi hide a Negg on April 3rd this past year?
Answer: kelp

Day 8 (January 2nd): What item used to be called a Misdirected Sign Post?
Answer: The Way to Adventure Sign Post


Everyone who answered at least one question correctly received a trophy in their jnAccount trophy cabinet. This amounted to 1,505 users (far too many to list here individually)!

We also awarded everyone one cabinet claim for at least one right answer and two claims for getting all 8/8. Claims can be used to redeem some fancy new cabinets created just for this event (or any prior cabinet themes you might want)! Redeem your claim now.

Keep your trivia skills sharp and ready for next December!