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Trivia Challenge - 2011

From December 26th, 2011 through January 2nd, 2012, Jellyneo held a trivia challenge! Each day, a new question was presented to visitors of the main site. There was a pop-up at the bottom right corner of the screen and that was where you could submit your answer.

Trivia Challenge Pop-up
The answers to the trivia questions could be found on Jellyneo.

Trivia Questions and Answers

Day 1 (December 26th): In what year was Neopets launched?
Answer: 1999
This can be found at the bottom of the Neopets site or at the bottom of our site.

Day 2 (December 27th): True or false? The Fish Negg was originally a ring.
Answer: True
Check out the Fish Negg's history in our Item Database.

Day 3 (December 28th): Which species of Neopet was originally Limited Edition until Meridell was discovered?
Answer: Ixi
This could be found in the Neopian Museum Species Files. Ixis were limited until Lisha and her cohorts permanently opened the portal to Meridell.

Day 4 (December 29th): What is the first name of the Neopian who wrote the book When All Else Fails and its sequel?
Answer: Aethia
You could find this in the Book of Ages.

Day 5 (December 30th): Where did a young Usul find the pages of Lucy's journal?
Answer: Meepit Oaks Sanitorium
There was some confusion with this one over using "Asylum" vs. "Sanitorium" but we updated our old plot guide, so hopefully you got it. The hint that was given would have led you to the plot summary for the Tale of Woe, which used "Sanitorium" anyway.

Day 6 (December 31st): Who was the original owner of Garin's ship, The Black Pawkeet?
Answer: Captain Bloodhook
Again, this could be found in the Book of Ages.

Day 7 (January 1st): Name the item that was exclusively released as a Lenny Conundrum prize that begins with the letter "I".
Answer: Island Kacheek Plushie
This could easily be found by searching item notes using the Item Database's advanced search.

Day 8 (January 2nd): Neopian games sometimes have little Easter eggs hidden in them. One former Neopets staff member is often revealed by clicking on which body part?
Answer: Eye
Read all about TPOSG in our guide.


Everyone who answered at least one question correctly received a trophy in their jnAccount trophy cabinet. This amounted to 5,022 users (far too many to list here individually)!

Trophy Trophy Trophy Trophy
Trophy Trophy Trophy Trophy

We hope you enjoyed this mini-event during the holiday season!