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The Wraith Resurgence

Fiendish Formations

With a sudden increase in Wraith attacks, Aethia is feeling overwhelmed. It's up to you to deploy Faerieland's armies to be where they will be the most effective using her magically enchanted table.

To begin Fiendish Formations, click on the table on the right of the main Headquarters page:

Once the game loads, click the Play button to begin. You will be given a choice of stages, and there are a total of 8 stages for the game that will gradually unlock as time goes on. To move between stages 1-4 and stages 4-8, click the white circles at the bottom of the screen.

When you click to begin a stage, you will be presented with a checkerboard grid with some purple playing pieces on it. These represent the locations of the Wraith forces.

The aim of the game is to mirror the locations of the purple pieces on the opposite side of the board (the green area). Click a square once to deploy a playing piece, click it up to two more times to change the type of unit, and again once more to remove it if you accidentally click the wrong location. Once you have successfully mirrored the Wraith's locations, you will move on to a new playing board and repeat the process. Completing a board looks like this:

As you progress through the stages, new types of enemy unit will appear:

Fiendish Formations Units
Enemy Unit Allied Counter Unit







The Wraith Assassin appears on
your side of the board, and after a
set amount of time, will destroy
one of your units at random.

Ignore this unit.

There are a total of ten rounds for each stage. You will gain bonus points for completing each board quickly, and at the end of the rounds your total points will be added up into a final score. You will be awarded a coloured medal depending on your score, and the goal is to get a gold medal for each day.

Fiendish Formations Stages
Stage Required Score Points Per Round Time Bonus Enemy Units
Stage 1
(February 9th)
1000 pts50 pts30 seconds
(x2 in final score)
Stage 2
(February 10th)
1450 pts75 pts45 seconds
(x2 in final score)
x5 - x8
Stage 3
(February 11th)
2000 pts115 pts60 seconds
(x2 in final score)
x6 - x8
Stage 4
(February 12th)
2800 pts145 pts75 seconds
(x3 in final score)
x8 - x10
Stage 5
(February 13th)
3500 pts175 pts90 seconds
(x3 in final score)
x8 - x10
Stage 6
(February 14th)
4300 pts215 pts110 seconds
(x3 in final score)
x10 - x14
Stage 7
(February 15th)
5500 pts230 pts125 seconds
(x4 in final score)
x12 - x16
Stage 8
(February 16th)
6500 pts255 pts140 seconds
(x4 in final score)
x12 - x18

If you should fail to reach the required score for any stage, you can repeat them at any point. However, there are achievements for completing each stage on the day of release.

After that, continue following the instructions on our step-by-step walkthrough for what to do next.