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Stamp Collecting

Album Listing

Below is a page-by-page walkthrough of each Stamp Album section. You can find each of the stamps, their position, along with a breakdown of the rarities and special stamps.

For all you avid collectors, we have a Stamp Checklist so you can find out exactly which stamps you are missing!

Remember! Once you place a stamp into your album, you cannot take it out again.

Select an Album
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Chomby StampTyrannian Elephante StampGrarrg StampTyrannian Kougra StampTyrannia Stamp
Omelette StampTar Pit StampWock Til You Drop StampTyrannian Grarrl StampChunk of Meat Stamp
Tyrannian Kyrii StampTyrannian JubJub StampTyrannian Korbat StampTyrannian Blumaroo StampTyrannian Plateau Stamp
Flying Korbats StampStone Armchair StampGiant Leaf Curtains StampBone Chair StampTyrannian Usul Stamp
Monocerous StampKyruggi StampDiscovery of Fire StampShiny Monoceraptor StampStone Stamp

Currently Released: 25 / 25

The stamps above will cost approximately 169,424,749 NP or more. (There are 4 unknown prices.)
(view individual prices in the Item Database below)

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Rarity Breakdown:

Special Stamp Overview:


Stamp Collector - Tyrannia

Stamp Collector - Tyrannia / Guide

Complete this page of your Stamp Album.

Released: November 6, 2003

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