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The Return of Our Master, Dr. Sloth

Day Three - Shuttle Bay

First of all, congratulations on finishing the decoding part of the plot! If you made it this far, you deserve to give yourself a pat on the back. You cannot proceed with this step until you complete the previous Decoding step.

1) To begin, head over to the Shuttle Bay.

We have to be careful moving through this cargo bay. If those Garoo Elites see us, we're doomed!
If we can sneak up right next to them, I bet we can knock them unconscious before they see us!

2) As you can see, you now have to solve a puzzle, which is comparable to the game Dave loves, Escape to Kreludor. You will have to guide Cylara to the door, making sure that you are not seen by any of the Garoo Elite! You can guide Cylara by clicking on any Dark Grey box within one step of her in any direction. Look at the table below to see all the main characters/items that you will need to know!

Character NameImage
Garoo Elite
Door (L1-L4 Goal)
Cylara's Family (L5 Goal)

For Level One, you have one Garoo Elite (and of course, one Cylara). It's a simple, small maze. Level Two will have three Garoo Elite waiting for you. (And boy, do they want some Cylara for dinner.) Level Three has three. Level Four will have six Garoo Elite. (This level is super hard.) Level Five, the final level, will have nine Garoo Elite. Click the links below to view the images of the levels!

Level One | Level Two | Level Three | Level Four | Level Five

Thanks to Indecisive on the jnForums for the Level Five image!


  • You can knock the guards out! Wait until you're in a position where a guard is a space away from you (but not looking at you) then click on their square.

  • Don't be afraid to double back! If you think a Garoo Elite is going to turn around and face you, you can go backwards!

  • You can hide behind civilians. ;) If there's a Garoo Elite facing you but a civilian in between you two, you can't get caught. ;D
  • Gorix

    There they are! We found your parents, and the scout!


    Now we've got to get away. Mom! Dad! Over here!