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Scratchcard Prizes

Terror Mountain

The Terror Mountain Scratchcard Kiosk is located in the Happy Valley of Terror Mountain and is run by the Scratchcard Kiosk Wocky. Here are the basics for the Kiosk:

  • Cost: 600 NP
  • Purchase Cooldown: 6 hours
  • Max Cards Scratched Per Day: 5
  • Closed Times:
    • 9-10am NST
    • 1-2pm NST

Whether you win or lose, the Kiosk Wocky has some supportive words for you.

  • Winning Phrases:
    • Three of a kind, you lucky so and so!
    • Wahey! You have won!!!
    • We have a winner!!!
    • YOU WON!!!
  • Losing Phrases:
    • Never mind, please try again…
    • Oh no... you lost :(
    • Oh well, better luck next time.
    • Sorry, no luck this time :(
    • We have a loser, ladies and gentlemen!
    • You need three of a kind to win - hard luck :(


Terror Mountain Kiosk Scratchcards










Race to Riches Scratchcard

Terror Trove Scratchcard

Faeries Fortune Scratchcard

Peak O Plenty Scratchcard

Icetravaganza Scratchcard


To win a prize, you must scratch off three or more of the same symbol. If by chance you scratch off two sets of matching icons (for example, three Level 1 icons and three Level 4 icons), you will only receive the prize for the higher level.

Blank: Nothing :(

Level 1: 2,500 Neopoints

Level 2: A random exclusive Quiggle plushie from the table below.

Level 3: 5,000 Neopoints

Level 4: Two to four random snowballs from the table below.
Terror Mountain Kiosk Level 4 (Snowball) Prize Pool

Level 5: 10,000 Neopoints

Level 6: One of your pets gains a level (not necessarily your active pet)

Level 7: A rare artifact of Terror Mountain from the table below.

Level 8: 50,000 Neopoints

Level 9: Jackpot!!!

Additionally, the first time you win any prize, you will also receive an avatar.

Kiosk Wocky

Kiosk Wocky / Guide

Win any prize by scratching a scratchcard at the Terror Mountain Kiosk.

Released: December 13, 2004

Prize Probabilities

The bottom line: the chance of each prize is equally likely with a chance of approximately 4%, and the chance of losing is a bit under 80%. This holds for all prizes and all Terror Mountain scratchcards.

Some important implications of this are:

  • If you are only interested in using the scratchcard for training, your best option is the Terror Trove Scratchcard, as it is the cheapest card with the Level-Up prize but has the same probability of levelling up as the rarer, more expensive cards.
  • Winning the jackpot on an Icetravaganza Scratchcard is not any rarer than winning any other prize!
  • No one square of the nine possible squares to scratch is any "luckier" than the others. By extension, no particular set of 3 (or 6) squares is any more likely than other set to result in a win. (It may even be that your 6 symbols are pre-determined, and your clicking just decides where those symbols appear.)

Crunching—er, scratching—the numbers

Detailed Explanation

Throughout 2021, a small team of Jellyneo staffers recorded over 1,000 scratchcards (that's over 6,000 squares scratched!) at all five levels of scratchcard. From this, we are able to strongly estimate the probabilities associated with Terror Mountain scratchcards.

Every square you scratch is equally likely to be any of the possible symbols for that card. The exception is the "blank" symbol which is twice as likely as each of the other symbols. Since there are 6 possible symbols (including blank) on each scratchcard, the chance of getting a blank square is 2/7 and the chance of each non-blank symbol is 1/7.

A very important takeaway from this is that it means higher-level prizes are not any rarer than lower-level prizes! Further, the rarer scratchcards do not provide a higher chance of getting the higher prizes!

We can use some combinatoric theory with these probabilities to find that the chance of each prize is approximately 4%. In short, this is the probability of getting 3 or more successes in a binomial experiment with 6 trials and a probability of success of 1/7.

In fact, because higher level prizes are awarded in the event of scratching two sets of 3 symbols on a card, the chances of higher level prizes on a scratchcard are actually very slightly higher than the lower level prizes. (The highest level prize has about a 4.16% chance, while the lowest level has a 3.99% chance.) By extension, the chance of winning nothing is a bit under 80%.

We do not attempt to calculate the expected value of each card, as this would require assigning a value both to the jackpot (which is always changing) and level-ups (which varies widely by pet and by user), as well as the item prizes. However, we encourage you to use the ~4% probability to do your own calculations based on these!

Scratchcard Boon

Certain factions give the opportunity of activating the Scratch Master boon if you side with them and they emerge victorious from the Battleground of the Obelisk.

The Scratch Master boon allows you to ignore the usual waiting period and purchase two scratchcards at a time (from any of the kiosks) before the time restrictions come into effect.

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