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Jan 3 - Aisha Day
Jan 6 - Gnorbu Day
Jan 11 - Buzz Day
Jan 14 - Sloth Day
Jan 16 - Elephante Day
Jan 29 - Kacheek Day

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Random Theme Listing

Beginning in July of 2003, Neopets decided to dedicate their Wednesdays to completely random themes. Since then, some of the themes have become official holidays, and there's been everything from Pea Day to Achyfi Day.

If you're wondering if TNT has ever done a "day" for your favourite item, color, or character, just hit Ctrl+F on your keyboard and search this page for some keywords.

Rainbow Day July 1st [Header]
Fire Day July 23rd [Header]
Brown Day August 6th [Header]
Babaa Day August 13th [Header]
Neoschool Day August 27th [Header]
Pirate Day September 3rd [Header]
Orange Day September 24th [Header]
Mystery Island Day October 1st [Header]
Chokato Day October 8th [Header]
Meowclops Day October 15th [Header]
MSPP Day October 22nd No Header Found
Fuzzle Day October 29th [Header]
Invisible Day November 5th [Header]
Mootix Day November 12th [Header]
Cheese Day November 19th [Header]
Mutant Day November 25th [Header]
White Day December 3rd [Header]
Snowbunny Day December 10th - Donna's B-day [Header]
Snorkle Day December 23rd [Header]
Tyrannia Day January 7th [Header]
Sloth Appreciation Day January 14th [Header]
Turtum Day January 21st [Header]
Eliv Thade Day January 28th [Header]
Jhudora Day Febrauary 4th [Header]
Zombom Day February 11th [Header]
Disco Day February 25th [Header]
Mazzew Day March 10th [Header]
Illusen Day March 17th [Header]
Snot Day March 24th [Header]
Neoquest II Day March 31st [Header]
Gruslen Day April 7th [Header]
Grey Day April 14th [Header]
Maraqua Day April 21st [Header]
Wheel of Monotony Day April 28th [Header]
Kreludor Day May 5th [Header]
Pea Day May 19th [Header]
Neopian Times Day May 26th [Header]
Fyora Day June 2nd [Header]
Dung Day June 9th [Header]
Sketch Day June 16th [Header]
Jazz Day June 30th [Header]
Faellie Day July 7th [Header]
Baby Day July 14th [Header]
Roo Island Day July 21st [Header]
Goldy Day August 4th [Header]
Brightvale Day August 11th [Header]
Gnome Day August 19th [Header]
Mutant Day August 25th [Header]
Carrot Day September 1st [Header]
Toast Day September 22nd [Header]
Hannah Day October 6th [Header]
Symol Day October 20th [Header]
Slorg Day November 3rd [Header]
Broken Toy Day November 10th [Header]
Sloth Takeover Day November 18th [Header]
Battle Faerie Day November 24th [Header]
Wreathy Day December 1st [Header]
Snowager Day December 8th [Header]
Garlic Day December 15th [Header]
Taelia Day December 22nd [Header]
Tooth Faerie Day January 5th No Header Found
Achyfi Day January 19th [Header]
Harris Day January 26th [Header]
Wintery Day February 2nd [Header]
Snicklebeast Day February 9th [Header]
Plushie Day February 16th [Header]
Raindorf Day February 23rd [Header]
Pink Day March 9th [Header]
Slugawoo Day March 16th [Header]
Hasee Bounce Day March 23rd [Header]
Caylis and Isca Day March 30th [Header]
Nova Day April 6th [Header]
Captain Scarblade Day April 13th [Header]
Pinata Day May 5th [Header]
Clay Day May 11th [Header]
Petpet Day June 8th [Header]
Niptor Day June 22nd [Header]
Yellow Day June 29th [Header]
Geraptiku Day July 13th [Header]
Custard Day July 20th [Header]
Camouflage Day July 27th [Header]
Petpet Lab Ray Day August 3rd [Header]
Scarabug Day August 10th [Header]
Spardel Day September 6th [Header]
Nightsteed Day September 28th [Header]
Doglefox Day October 5th [Header]
Starry Day October 12th [Header]
Disco (Again!) Day October 19th [Header]
Werelupe Day October 27th [Header]
Slorg Day November 3rd [Header]
Darkest Faerie Day November 10th [Header]
Cyodrake Day November 16th [Header]
Darigan Day November 22nd [Header]
Xweetok Day November 30th [Header]
Snow Day December 7th [Header]
Battle Faerie (Again!) Day December 14th [Header]
Snuffly Day December 21st [Header]
Anubis Day January 18th [Header]
Rainbow (Again!) Day January 25th [Header]
Eliv Thade (Again!) Day February 1st [Header]
Biscuit Day February 8th [Header]
Ettaphant Day February 15th [Header]
Altador Day March 1st [Header]
Robot Day March 8th [Header]
Feed Florg Day March 15th [Header]
Sophie Day April 6th [Header]
Gummy Day April 20th [Header]
Speckled Day May 10th [Header]
Ghost Day May 17th [Header]
Gardening Day May 24th No Header Found
Water Day June 1st [Header]
Dirt Day June 14th [Header]
Travel Day June 21st [Header]
Blizzard In July Day July 6th [Header]
Kite Day July 20th [Header]
Health Day August 2nd [Header]
Candy Day August 16th [Header]
Back To School Day August 30th [Header]
Shenkuu Day September 8th [Header]
Rock Fest Day September 14th [Header]
Autumn Day October 11th [Header]
Stamp Day October 18th [Header]
Bonfire Night November 5th No Header Found
Games Day November 22nd [Header]
Sophie & Friends Day December 6th [Header]
Ona Day December 22nd [Header]
Soup Day January 31st [Header]
Giant Squid Day February 7th [Header]
Revenge Of The Food Day February 28th [Header]
Neogardening (Again!) Day March 21st [Header]
Neovian Faire March 28th [Header]
Gallion Day April 4th [Header]
Writing Day April 11th [Header]
Creepy Crawlies Day April 18th [Header]
Hat Day April 25th [Header]
Mote Day May 22nd [Header]
Meteor Crashes
Onto Kreludor
June 21st [Header]
Toy Day July 17th [Header]
Ice Day August 1st [Header]
Purple Day August 15th [Header]
Glamour Day August 22nd [Header]
Spicy Day September 5th [Header]
Customisation Day September 12th [Header]
Desert Day September 26th [Header]
Art Festival October 3rd [Header]
Collectors Jubilee October 17th [Header]
Evil Parallel Universe Day October 24th [Header]
Zombie Day October 25th [Header]
Slorg Day November 2nd [Header]
Hot Dog Hullabaloo November 7th [Header]
Ghostkerchief Day November 21st [Header]
Origami Blowout November 28th [Header]
Flower Fiesta December 18th [Header]
Bubble Blowout Day January 9th [Header]
Math and Numbers Day January 23rd [Header]
Bone Day January 29th [Header]
Checkered Day February 5th [Header]
Keyrings Day February 27th [Header]
Paperbag Day March 12th [Header]
Walking Carpet Day March 19th [Header]
Doughnuts Day March 26th [Header]
Ribbon Day April 9th [Header]
Courgette Day April 23rd [Header]
Square Day April 30th [Header]
Shell Day May 7th [Header]
Tea Party Day May 21st [Header]
Raspberry Day June 4th [Header]
Orange Day June 11th [Header]
Sand Day June 25th [Header]
Repulsion Reception July 2nd [Header]
Gloomy Gathering July 9th [Header]
Paper Day July 16th [Header]
Citrus Celebration July 23rd [Header]
Glitter Day August 6th [Header]
Waffles Day August 13th [Header]
Corn Day August 27th [Header]
Magical Gala September 3rd [Header]
Sock Celebration September 10th [Header]
Pirate (Again!) Day September 17th [Header]
Mystery Island Vacation Day September 24th [Header]
Plushie Parade October 3rd [Header]
Drummer's Jubilee October 15th [Header]
Fall Festival October 21st [Header]
Balloon Bonanza October 28th [Header]
Dotted Day November 12th [Header]
Pretzel Parade November 19th [Header]
Pyjama Parade December 17th [Header]
Greenery Festival March 18th [Header]
Pranks For The Memories April 1st [Header]
Uniocto Day April 8th [Header]
Law Day May 1st [Header]
Feather Follies May 13th [Header]
Banana Bonanza May 20th [Header]
Towel Day May 27th [Header]
Altador Fest June 17th [Header]
Summer Days June 24th [Header]
Glow Day July 1st [Header]
Ukali Day July 8th [Header]
Droolik Day July 15th No Header Made
Stargazing Night July 22nd [Header]
Vaeolus Day August 19th No Header Made
Sign Day September 2nd No Header Made
Kauvara Day September 30th No Header Made
Tarla Day October 7th No Header Made
Pine Cone Day November 17th No Header Made
Snoogy Day January 20th [Header]
Gwalla Day May 19th No Header Made
Bacon June 23rd No Header Made
Balthazar Unappreciation Day October 20th [Header]
Maractite Day January 26th No Header Made
Lawyerbot Appreciation Day April 15th No Header Made
8-Bit Day May 18th No Header Made
Coltzan Day July 9th No Header Made
Stinky Day August 5th No Header Made
Nox Memorial Day October 5th [Header]
Water Day November 11th No Header Made
Popcorn Day January 10th No Header Made
Custard Day February 7th No Header Made
Wraith Day February 8th No Header Made
Eventide Evening April 7th & 8th No Header Made
Lawyerbot Appreciation Day April 14th [Header]
Neopian Elders Day May 8th No Header Made
Coffee Day Sept 28th No Header Made
Popcorn Day Jan 10th No Header Made
Custard Day Feb 7th No Header Made
Knitting Day March 23rd & 24th No Header Made
Lawyerbot Appreciation Day April 13th & 14th No Header Made
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