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Welcome to Jellyneo!

Hello, and welcome to Jellyneo! On this page you can find a brief overview of many of the myriad sections JN provides. Whether you're a first time visitor, or an old friend hoping to get a better look at what JN has to offer, this is the place for you! This page gives you an overview first into things found on our main site, and then into different departments.

Oh, boy!

Main Site

A great deal of JN can be found on the main site - from guides to avatar information. You can also find links to all the other site sections easily from within the top bar.

Site Information

If you're on the main site, you can always find easy links to site information, right on the left sidebar. These links can give you more information on the site, let you change your site preferences (we've got plenty of site themes!), help you contact us, and more!


If you want to use some of JN's special features - such as wishlists, custom dailies, and goal counters - or participate in a JN site event, you'll need a jnAccount. While having one is not a requirement to use JN, it does allow you to get more out of the site.


When you first arrive on JN, you'll notice that the main page shows you the five most recent newsposts - but that's not the only type of news JN has! We've also got answers to the Faerie Crossword and Daily Puzzle, updated every day. The main news, of course, features upcoming Caption Contests, items, etc., while also giving you occasional JN updates.

Game Guides and Articles

There are piles of games in Neopia - and we've got guides for almost every one of them. You can find our guides listed in alphabetical order on our Game Guide Index. Of course, games aren't the only activity in Neopia - if it's something else you want to learn about, you can probably find it on our Article Listing. Some of our most important content, guides to Account Safety and Neopets Scams, are located here.

Guide to Neopia

If the world of Neopia is what you're itching to explore, our Guide to Neopia is here to help. Clicking on a land will bring you to a page devoted to it. While that page shows the same map you may see in the real Neopia, here it links you automatically to related guides! You can also find a link at the bottom to take you to the real map, and one to learn more information.


Avatars are still popular, as our Avatar Solutions area can attest. In addition to being divided into sections, you can also search by keyword.


JN offers plenty of goodies that don't quite fit into other site sections (Socially Awkward Meepit Generator, anyone?). You can find over a dozen special features listed in our Goodies and Tools section.

Editorial Database

If you'd like to search to see what's been asked of editorials before, we've also got a comprehensive Editorial Database. Here you can search questions and answers from all the official Neopets Editorials, each question with a unique link that you can share with others looking for an information reference.

Neopian Dictionary

The only part of the main site that has its own site design is the Neopian Dictionary, where you can find definitions of terms and acronyms used throughout Neopia. The definitions also include pronunciation, categorization, and example uses.

Other Departments

While many areas of JN are considered part of the main site, several others operate with specialty staff devoted to that section alone.

Zen is necessary before true battle.

Item Database

The Item Database is one of our most well-known and utilized departments. Here you can find information on every item in Neopia that has ever been released (as well as some that haven't!). You can also create wishlists, edit current estimated values, and find direct links to auction, trading post, and shop wizard searches. If you check the drop down "item database" button, you can also find links to special checklists - Book, Booktastic, Gourmet, and NeoDeck - that can save you tons of time.


After years of work by many dedicated staffers, Jellyneo's Customisation Wardrobe was released in May 2012. Here you can test all sorts of outfits on any colour/species combination - no matter what pets or items you own. You can also get immediate links to the item database entry for each item, add items to your wishlists, save outfits for later, share them with others, and more! If you check out the sidebar, you'll also see the latest wearables, a link to the "Previews" section - where you can view items on different species - go through the tutorial, or even help out by modeling some items you own!

Book of Ages

While the original Book of Ages was part of the Altador Plot, ours is a bit different - a searchable database of all the characters in Neopia and Petpet Park. Whether you're looking for information for a story, characters to reference, or simply want to browse, the Book of Ages has you covered.

Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium

Sometimes you just want to find images. Maybe you're working on some epic graphics, or perhaps you want something to do with the characters you just researched. If there's an image in Neopia you're looking for, chances are that Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium has it. Over 100,000 images have been categorized and tagged for your convenience.

In-Depth Battlepedia

Our latest major project is the highly-respected, premiere resource for the Battledome - the original In-Depth Battlepedia, acquired when the former owner no longer wished to manage it. Several key staff members have joined us and been working with JN to make the Battlepedia better than ever.