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Meepit Juice Break

Meepit Juice Break Information
Click to play Meepit Juice Break! World:
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Neopoint Ratio:
3.85 Points =
1 NP
Our Difficulty Rating:
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The concept of Meepit Juice Break is easy: feed the Meepits.

How to Play

You are given three pipes of Juppie Juice for the primary colors: Red, Blue, and Yellow. You can make juice flow out of these pipes by connecting them to other pieces of pipe. These colors can also be combined to make additional colors:

  • Red + Yellow = Orange
  • Red + Blue = Purple
  • Yellow + Blue = Green
  • Red + Yellow + Blue = Pink

The pipe pieces you are provided are random. Each piece can be rotated clockwise with a simple left click. To feed the Meepits, you simply rotate pieces until you get a connection of pipes from the juice to the Meepit. (It's not important that the pipes be leak tight like in Sewage Surfer; just connected is enough!)

Each Meepit has a timer above its head displaying the number of seconds you have to feed it. When any timer hits 0, you lose a life. You are given three lives to start, represented by the Red Meepits sitting on the branch to the right.


Every piece of pipe you use to get the juice to the Meepit will earn you 1 point, so if you have the time it is worthwhile to connect a few extra pipes even if you have a path figured out.

If the color of the juice matches the color of the Meepit, each piece of pipe will earn you 2 points. There is no bonus per se for feeding multiple Meepits at once: the points you earn from feeding each are simply added together.

If you're lucky enough to be able to use all the pipes, you get a 50 point super bonus!

Meepit Juice Break super bonus

Sometimes, fruit will appear in the pipes, which modify the points you earn from a feeding when the pipe they're in is used.

Item Effect

+10 points

Blue Rambus
+25 points

Rotten Wormy Apple
-10 points

The exception to scoring is with Zen mode. You aren't timed, but you're only awarded one point for each Meepit you feed—with no bonuses! Unlike the zen mode of some other games, you actually can send your score and earn a trophy or avatar, but it will take quite some time and patience to achieve the necessary scores.

Yellow juice for an Orange Meepit
One yellow Meepit juice, coming right up!

Level Guide

Meepit Juice Break Levels
Level Starting Timer Meepits Present Meepits Needed
1 60 1 5
2 60 2 5
3 50 2 6
4 40 2 7
5 50 3 7
6 40 3 8
7 30 3 9
8 20 3 10
9 10 3 12
10 5 3 15


Let's say you open up to a red Meepit when you realize that the yellow pipes are already set up such that connecting just one more pipe will feed your Meepit. Simple, huh? But it can get better! Instead of denying yourself more points, quickly break off the connection of the connecting yellow piece and attach it to a connecting red piece, therefore turning the entire pipeline red and giving yourself extra points.

The hardest Meepit to feed is the pink Meepit. To feed it happily, you have to combine all three pipes! Instead of succumbing to the easy way out—simply feeding it with a red, yellow, or blue—take this tip. Start all three separately, going from the top down. The first chance you get, break the red down to connect to the yellow and add a few pipes. Then turn the now-orange pipe down to meet with the blue, therefore creating a pink tube. It's not as hard as it looks!

Making pink juice from all the other colours
Red, blue and yellow make...pink? My art teacher lied to me!

Unfortunately, sometimes it is literally impossible to feed a Meepit with a pipe of its own color. If this happens, take this tip: feed it with the color with the longest path already available, and then take a detour and scrape the end of the time limit by using as many possible pipes.

Add the point-giving fruits whenever time permits you—using them up causes new ones to appear, so the bonus really adds up. Likewise, avoid the apple cores.

Berries are good, apple cores are bad
Berries are yummy! Apple cores less so.

Each level ends after you have fed a specific number of Meepits. Try to get down to 1 Meepit left for that level, and then create a path that feeds all Meepits present, as that will earn you the points for those 1 or 2 extra Meepits.

On later levels, where the Meepit timers are very short, it's generally better to stop thinking about colors and feed the Meepits with whatever you can. Connecting 2 or 3 Meepits to the same juice stream can also save you a lot of time—and lives!

Game Secrets

  • Typing juice-o-matic will reset all Meepits' timers. This can only be used once per game.
  • Typing meepits will get you an extra life! This can only be used once per game.
  • Like many other games on Neopets, this one was worked on by the great Oliver himself! Click the uppermost Green Meepit's eye in the main screen to see Oliver with a Green Meepit on his head.


A Meepit! Run!

A Meepit! Run! / Guide

Send a score of 3,500+ points in Meepit Juice Break.

When activated, the 2019 Charity Corner perk, More for Less, decreased the score needed to 2,800+ points.

Released: April 5, 2005

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