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Curse of Maraqua Plot Coverage

Jellyneo's Coverage of The Curse of Maraqua

Pre-Plot Speculation

The ruins arise!

For weeks now, the players of Neopets have been holding their breath for anything about the new Maraqua plot due to start around next week. I figured, since all the other plots with TCG Expansions relate to the cards, I might as well analyze the cards (my, I sound like the Island Mystic!).

NOTE: This article was written before reading any other guides about the Maraqua plot. Any similarities to any other guides are purely coincidental.

The Heroes

Isca, the hero, Caylis' sister, is the hero of the story. Why is it always Aishas getting all the credit? First Lisha, now Caylis...

And of course, here is our hero Usul. They did a good job making him look like a boy now though. They say unis are vain! Name one treasure hunting uni!

Apparently he suffered from some mutation of the radiation of the destruction of Maraqua. Remember the annoying orange fish? Voilà! Which king does he remind you of? Particularly his stomach!

- Isca learned a special call that would summon an ally in times of need.
Like I said with Caylis and the chasm beast, Goregas and Isca are probably bonded somehow. Goregas and the Chasm Beast do look a lot alike.

The palace guard. He will probably prove invaluable to defeating Caylis and the Drenched.

She is probably the watchful faerie of Maraqua. Like Illusen and Meridell.

A Frenchman! He's probably Garin's sidekick.

Villains and Villainy

The Black Pawkeet was Captain Scarblade's ship in the old plot. As its listed as a location in the TCG cards, I figure Captain Scarblade will kidnap someone or there will simply be scenes of the plot, on the ship.

- Flavour text - Both sisters could foresee the future - Isca in her dreams, Caylis in her nightmares

Caylis is the "bad" sister. She can (as you can read) foresee the future in her nightmares. Her card portrays her as a villain but because she can see the future in her nightmares she has probably been tormented by her nightmares and told to turn bad. Isca will (hopefully) help her out of this.

An orange curse card. It probably means that whenever Caylis cries something bad happens. Nightmares and tears for Caylis. I'm surprised that nothing good happens when Isca laughs!

Probably Caylis' pet or minion of sorts. I'd say he would be a challenger in the Battledome but in Donna's editorial she said that there would be no war in this plot.

- Flavour text - Bad luck comes in threes

Bad luck comes in threes, eh? Lets see how many other bad trios we can name... They are probably the suppliers of Caylis' nightmares and helped her towards villainy like Kass and the Three.

Anyone recognise this particularly ugly face? Probably not (except for the random event) because in the last plot concerning Maraqua (its destruction) he was a pirate/skeleton Kiko!

One of Scarblade's minions probably.

People Worth Mentioning

Nothing special. Probably just a background character but worth a mention just in case.

Again, just worth a mention.

Would Caylis or The Drenched be able to zombify pets?


This is definitely revealing! I guess they are leaving old Maraqua and Mr. Slug in their spot and putting new Maraqua in a different spot.

Pollution in Neopia too! That might play a part in the re-building of new Maraqua.

Would we have to find the pearls somehow? I just thought they were worth mentioning since there were three of them and we know that "Bad luck comes in threes."

Kind of reminds you of the gypsy from the Meridell plot doesn't she? I decided to add her since she looks watery.

Sounds kind of like Kreludite doesn't it?

The new world to be released during or after the plot. According to Donna in the editorial, all the mean pirates go there so I guess we should expect to see Scarblade there.

I advise towards watching this place closely during the plot.

This showcases the event of Isca showing Garin New Maraqua

Just a really cool looking card.

Could it be something Scarblade gets out of the Smugglers Cove?

- Flavor text - ”Here,” She said, "This will let you breathe underwater."
Isca has a magic necklace she gives to Garin to help him breathe underwater. What a catastrophe that would be if Scarblade got his hands on it!

Kind of makes you think of an ancient artifact lost long ago only to be found in time of desperate need doesn't it?


I guess Isca's vision will help her and Garin out somewhat.


A Sloth Clone gets what he deserves! [Edit By Dave: Boo! This card should be shredded.]

A Hannah and the Ice Caves card in the Curse of Maraqua set?!?