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Journey To The Lost Isle

Jellyneo's Journey to the Lost Isle Coverage

May 24th, 2007 - Simply A-maze-ing!

Before you begin, you might want to [read the Chapter 5 comic]!

1. Go to [Mad Tongue Murphy's diary] and view the map part of the diary (by clicking on the purple ribbon sticking out at the bottom of the book). Windows users can highlight the text above the map and then hit the Tab key once to get the jawbone, which is needed later in the puzzle. The location of the jawbone will be different for everyone!

Alternatively, you can view the page source (by right-clicking and selecting "View Source") and search for "jawbone" (you can search the code by selecting 'Edit' and then 'Find' from the menu or by pressing Ctrl + F). You will then see something like this (yours might be slightly different):

Copy and paste the code after the following text: http://www.neopets.com/mip/ and go to that page (it will come up as a pop-up window). You will now have the jawbone and the vines:

You pick up a monstrous jawbone and gape at its size for a minute before taking it with you. Who knows, maybe you can put those sharp teeth on it to good use.



2. Lo and behold, we now return to the Haunted Woods Plot - A Tale of Woe. We're doing the vine maze again but this time, we're gathering ship parts. Click [here] to go to the puzzle! You start off at the ship with two out of the nine parts needed. Adding in the jawbone and vines you got earlier, you should now have four items in total in your Plot Inventory.

Hold on, I don't have 4 items, I'm missing the hammer (or the thorns)! What should I do?

Now it's time to start looking for the remaining 5 items! Fun:

Steam Vent

Wood Boards


Tree Branch

Steering Wheel

Head to the forest by clicking on the path above the ship. Look familiar?

I suggest making a map with representative images when you're going through the forest. Draw five vertical lines on a regular sheet of paper, therefore making six columns. On the left-most column, write in numbers. Those numbers will tell you which road picture you're on. Then starting from the ship (or some reference point), draw a picture of the roads (left and right squiggles are exactly that, just so you know. :P). Each time you click on a road, mark down which road picture you are led to next to the road you clicked (on your map that you just made). You can take a look at the example below.
Note: Your maps may have changed because of the bug TNT fixed (one that caused infinite loops to occur).

3. When you come upon items on the paths on any page, click on them. They will then appear in your Plot Inventory (it's the arrow thing on the bottom right of the forest puzzle). However, when you come upon the tree branch, you will not be able to simply pick it up:

You will need to open up your Plot Inventory and click on the jawbone. Then click on the tree branch. You should now have the tree branch in your inventory.

4. In the end, you should have the following items: Vines, Wood Boards, Thorns, a Jawbone, a Metal Hammer, a Metal Bucket, a Tree Branch, a Steam Vent, and a Steering Wheel. Navigate yourself back to the ship and apply the items to the ship by clicking on them in your inventory, moving your cursor to the ship, and then clicking on it. Do them in the following order (follow left to right, top to bottom):


Wood Boards


Metal Hammer



Steam Vent

Steering Wheel

And voil´┐Ż, the ship is now good as new (well, almost):

5. ***NEW STEP*** Read the [Chapter 6 comic] then head back to the [ship]. If you look in your inventory now, you should see a mussel shell:

Mussel Shell

Apply that to the ship and you're done!

Good job! The ship now looks seaworthy enough for a voyage home. Better hurry and get on board. You want to escape this place before those Petpetpets get to you...

[Proceed to the Battledome to fight the Petpetpet Horde!]