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Deserted Tomb of Geraptiku

Tucked away in the dense jungles of Northern Mystery Island is the Lost City of Geraptiku. This lost city is the location of a deserted old tomb which contains riches beyond belief; however it also contains some of the most intricately-laid traps ever created. You can visit the tomb and try to steal some of its treasure once each day, if you feel brave enough that is!

Positive Outcomes

You've been here for quite a while now. You don't know how many days exactly, but you know you've passed that same carving at least 14 times. Exhausted, you decide to take a break and sit down for a while.


What in the world was that? You look down to discover you'd planted yourself right on top of a Petpet. Poor thing. You wonder how it got here.

Wait a tick! What's that under the Petpet? You shoo the little critter away and open the small box that almost escaped your notice.

[one random exclusive prize from the table below]
[possible avatar]

It's no massive treasure, but it's better than nothing. With all you've been through, you decide to quit while you're ahead and quickly make for an exit.

Geraptiku - Deserted Tomb

Geraptiku - Deserted Tomb / Guide

Random when you win an item from the Deserted Tomb.

Released: July 15, 2005

The tomb presents you with quite a challenge over the next few days. Luckily, you've brought plenty of provisions and have cleverly made your way through every trap you've come across. Your mum would be proud.

Finally, after deciphering all the secrets of the tomb, you're led to the treasure chamber.


You've found it. You've found the treasure of the Lost City of Geraptiku. People you've met once will now be writing to you asking to borrow Neopoints. It's every Neopian's dream.

You search through the treasure and take back what you can carry.

[two random item prizes from the table below]
You also stuff [900 to 1,450] Neopoints in your pockets!
[possible avatar]

Geraptiku - Deserted Tomb

Geraptiku - Deserted Tomb / Guide

Random when you win an item from the Deserted Tomb.

Released: July 15, 2005

Negative Outcomes

After being lost in the tomb for two days (living off fungus and rain water of course), you stumble across a room you haven't seen before. Could this be the location of the treasure?

Geraptiku Guardian

That's definitely no treasure. A giant monster leaps out from the darkness and begins chasing you, all the while thinking about the best way to cook you for dinner. You should probably continue running.

Effect: None!

More about Deserted Tomb Monster »

It's been two days. You don't quite know how, but you've managed to elude many of the traps mysteriously strewn around this tomb. Maybe it's a good thing you're so clumsy.

You happen upon a flight of stairs that leads down into the darkness. It seems to go on forever, but you finally reach the very bottom and enter the dimly lit room you find there.

empty treasure


You yell out in disappointment. This room is the treasure chamber you've been looking for but you discover that someone has gotten to the treasure before you. You could devote the rest of your life to finding this person and writing them a stern letter, but you have to get out of here first.

Effect: None!

You've never seen so many traps in your life. Seriously. Someone must really not want you to be here. You wonder how many traps there really are, and who put them here.

spear trap

And, while you were thinking that and not paying attention, you set off another one. You watch as the arrows fly right at you, but luckily [ACTIVE PET NAME] was paying attention and pushes you out of the way just in time.

But while you're safe, [ACTIVE PET NAME] suffers a bit of damage and loses some HP.

Effect: Your active pet loses half its current HP.

Retired Prizes

The prize pool for the Deserted Tomb was updated on June 26, 2018. At that time, the original exclusive prizes were retired and replaced with the currently available exclusive prizes. Additionally, the "EUREKA!" outcome could also award Fading Bottled Faeries; these were also removed at this time.

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