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The Voyage of the Cyodrake's Gaze

Jellyneo's Coverage of the Cyodrake's Gaze Plot

Updates & Releases

The story unfolds...
On the third of August, a mysterious ship made port in the harbor of Krawk Island. This ship, from an unknown land, was christened the Cyodrake's Gaze and is captained by a benevolent Gnorbu named Tuan. From this Neopet, you learned how they endured a vicious storm of epic proportions, and in the process, lost a faithful crew member named Hoban.

September 13th -- Prizes have been released!

Something Has Happened!
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Aisha - Hoban the Navigator

Aisha - Hoban the Navigator / Guide

Awarded for guessing two or more correct answers on the "Who Pushed Hoban" questionnaire and then visiting this page.

Released: September 13, 2006

You got both the sidebar and avatar if you have two or more answers right.

First Place TrophySecond Place TrophyThird Place TrophyMedal
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Hobans Hat Hobans Map Book Hobans Left-Overs
Hobans Hat | Hobans Map Book | Hobans Left-Overs

September 9th -- Hoban has been found! He was indeed pushed off the ship by that sneaky Chef Bonju. Congrats to those who guessed correctly, though no prizes for a correct guess were given out. It was a nice super-short-mini-plot. :P In other news, Shenkuu has been released!

August 30th -- You can now guess where Hoban was pushed over... Click here to do so!

August 29th -- The Gaze is back at Mystery Island! Also, the Map Room is now accessible.

August 27th -- It appears that the Gaze is still docked in the Lost Desert but is gone. Hmmmm.... ;)

August 23rd -- The Lost Desert is the Gaze's current location of choice. Be sure to read Linae's story.

August 19th -- The Cyodrake's Gaze has again disappeared. Where could it have gone this time?

August 15th -- The Gaze has reappeared again in Faerieland, of all places! (IT CAN FLY NOW :O)

August 11th -- The Gaze has disappeared again. Who knows where it might be now? ;)

Where has the ship gone from my Empty Healing Potion
I remember putting the Gaze in here...

August 8th -- The Gaze has again reappeared! This time, they're docked on the southwest coast of Mystery Island. We've also added in a comics page showing all of the comics thus far. You'll be able to view them when the Gaze leaves Mystery Island! There is also a new chat board for the Cyodrake Gaze plot!

August 6th -- Without notice, the ship leaves Krawk Island. It is currently unknown where the ship is located!

Gone, just like that!

August 3rd -- The Gaze makes port in Krawk Island harbor after losing a member of its crew in a large storm. With it, comes three shops, a cooking pot type feature, and the start of the latest plot...