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Neopets is Sold!
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on March 17, 2014, 11:59 am NST

Breaking news today! Viacom has sold to another company: JumpStart. JumpStart is responsible for classic games such as Math Blaster and all of the JumpStart school games.

There's an FAQ available about the transition. Let's be clear up front: nothing is happening to your Neopets account or to This is simply a transition from Viacom to JumpStart in terms of who's paying the bills.

JumpStart also seems to be quite savvy when it comes to mobile games... so hopefully they'll bring their expertise to Neopets!

In the meantime, visit the New Features page for the official announcement, and to pick up some freebie plushies and Neocash:

Here's an FAQ posted by Neopets:

Who's JumpStart?
JumpStart loved Neopets so much that they became our new benevolent overlords! (Their logo even has a star in it. It was fate.)

They don't jump everywhere they go or anything like that - that would be tiring - but they do make mobile and multiplayer online games. In addition to their own properties, like JumpStart and Math Blaster, they also create games for companies like DreamWorks Animation and the NFL. You can find out more about JumpStart at

And now we're part of JumpStart, too. We're pretty excited to be the newest member of the family.

What does this mean for Neopets right now? What about the future? isn't going anywhere. To start, Nickelodeon and JumpStart will work together and help us get everything moved over to our new home. All the behind-the-scenes stuff that's needed for the site to run has to be transitioned over. You shouldn't experience any downtime on the site, but please bear with us while we focus on getting all that done. Even with the help of our new cohorts at JumpStart, it's a lot of work! We'll keep you updated.

Once that's complete, we can get back to making interesting things for you to do. This all just happened so we don't have anything definitive yet, but our first meeting with JumpStart had a lot of talk of how they could help with new Games Room games and mobile stuff (that we know you've been asking about) so that'll give you an idea. They were excited and we were excited and there was excitement-induced flailing by all. So everyone's quite enthusiastic about the cool stuff we could do together if only we could stop flailing long enough.

TL;DR - Our first order of business is to get settled in our new home, and then we can get back to focusing on new content for you to enjoy. Also, there will be flailing but it's the good kind.

What is happening to The Neopets Team?
Not much. For the most part, the team you know and (hopefully) love isn't going anywhere. (We love you, too, by the way.) We'll continue to make weird items and crazy stories and try our best to keep you entertained. We're just part of JumpStart now, and they're Neopians, too.

Mr. Insane also wants to assure you that "the Meepits can be electrostatically confined to the ∯W sigma plane", whatever that means.

What does this mean for my account?
First off, rest assured that all of your data and progress will remain intact! You won't lose a thing. We wanted to get that out of the way for everyone's sanity. *nod*

During the transition, your current Nickelodeon Games account will be split into two accounts. One account will stay with us and log you in to and The other account will stay with Nickelodeon Games and log you in to The accounts will have the same username but they will no longer be connected. For example, if you decide to change the password on Neopets, it will not be changed on Monkey Quest. (Because of this, we and Nickelodeon advise you to change the password on both accounts when the time comes so that they're not the same, for security purposes!)

We'll let you know when this part of the transition is complete!

What happens to my NC?
For now, your NC balance will still be shared across all three sites: Neopets, Petpet Park, and Monkey Quest. At some point, there may be changes in how NC is allocated among the sites. We will notify you of any changes in how your NC can be used.

What if I have Nickelodeon Game Cards that I'd planned to use on Neopets/Petpet Park?
For now, redeemed NC will still be useable on Neopets, Petpet Park, and Monkey Quest. At some point there may be changes in how redeemed NC from Nickelodeon Game Cards may be used among the sites. We will notify you of any changes in how your NC can be used.

I'm Premium. Is my membership affected?
Nope! Your membership stays the same and you can still manage it through as you always have. You will continue to see the same information on your billing statement, but we'll update you if this changes in the future. If you have any specific questions about your subscription, please write in and let us know!


Snarkie has posted the following to those worried about a change in target audience:

Update 2:

Snarkie has posted the following to those worried about accepting the free NC and NP items on their side accounts:

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