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Sad News
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on March 8, 2015, 10:08 am NST

I have some sad news to report. Early Friday afternoon, most of The Neopets Team was laid off. According to our source, there are only a handful of programmers left, along with the support team and the monitor team. This is why we did not get news on Friday, and why the NC items released over this weekend do not have images.

We are unsure what Jumpstart's plans are going forward, especially with the app they just released, but the TNTers that have made Neopets what it was over the past 15 years will not all be part of it.

The JN Staff would like to give all of TNT a big thank you and congratulations on an amazing 15 year run. Despite a little complaining along the way, Neopets shaped a lot of us. (Who knew a web game from 1999 would be online in its original form in 2015??) Best of luck to all of the TNTers looking for new jobs!

Edit: To clarify, no, Neopets is not closing anytime soon that we have heard. However, with all of the people who were creating the content gone, it likely will not be the same Neopets we've all come to know and love (and complain about ). You can't simply have new employees come into the mix and expect them to know how the Altador Cup works or who Dr. Sloth is without a lot of prep and training.

That being said, this post was made so that the Neopian public could be made aware of what is happening and decide on what they would like to do going forward. We thought that the paying customers in particular (Premium subscribers and NC buyers) should know this information and decide on what purchases they would like to make in the future.

UPDATE: Statement from Jumpstart: (9 Mar 2015 - 12:35 pm)

The CEO of Jumpstart, David Lord, has released a statement relating to the current state of Neopets. This has been posted in TNT's Official Message Board, as well as on Facebook.

A Message from JumpStart CEO, David Lord
To our Neopets Members and Community:

Unfortunately, a recent restructuring of our resources means a number of respected employees working on Neopets are no longer with the company. JumpStart appreciates each and every one of our employees, and it was a sad day to have to say goodbye to our friends. While it's disheartening to see team members leaving the company, we are incredibly thankful for everything they have done to create Neopets.com and the passionate community that surrounds the site.

Moving forward, we want to make it absolutely and unequivocally clear that we are committed to Neopets! Neopets is NOT CLOSING in any way. To the contrary, we plan to produce new content, update the site, and dedicate valuable resources towards improving site functionality, including lag and site stability. In fact, the recent launch of Neopets Ghoul Catchers on the iTunes and Facebook platforms confirms our dedication to launching new and exciting content for existing and new Neopets users.

As we move forward and establish new goals for Neopets, we want the community to know that we are fully committed to the success of Neopets. We will work to support, improve and expand Neopets with our best resources and most creative minds. We thank you for your unwavering support of Neopets and we believe you will be as excited about the future as we are.

We wish all of the amazing former Neopets team members the very best life has to offer and we are grateful for their time at Jumpstart.

- David Lord, CEO of JumpStart

From the Neoboards, March 9, 2015

He is adamant that Neopets is NOT closing, and that resources will be spent improving site stability (the lag), as well as creating new content. While this unfortunately means we have lost The Neopets Team as we once knew them, Jumpstart will hopefully be working tirelessly over the coming weeks and months to produce new and exciting ways to keep the Neopets we love alive.
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