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Altador Mini-Plot Full Walkthrough

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April 4th, 2006

On 4th April a new area was discovered... the Old Follies Farm. Click on the building just outside of Altador.

Once there, click the entrance to his barn as highlighted below.

This is one of Altador's oldest farms, owned by Farmer Follies and his family.

Farmer Follies eyes you as you approach. "Well howdy there," he says. "You're from the city, eh? I've got a ninth cousin there, works as a janitor, maybe you know him."

Once there, click on the lever highlighted below.

This old windmill is how Farmer Follies turns wheat into grain.

You should now click on the window highlighted below.

You try to force the windmill's blades to turn, in an attempt to blow excess wheat away from the field.

Farmer Follies runs into the windmill, shouting at you. "WINDMILLS DO NOT WORK THAT WAY!" He slaps your hand away from the windmill machinery.

Click on one of the lumps of grass.

This will highlight your next constellation.

The wheat field seems to have revealed a strange pattern among its stalks...

You should now return to the Archivist, who now says:

The archivist says, "A clue revealing itself in a pattern of wheat in a field? Remarkable! There must be strong magics afoot indeed, if these clues can be found in such subtle and unexpected places."

To find this Constellation, use our Constellation Finder.

Make your way to the telescope. You need to search for the pattern that you saw at the farm. You are then able to click on the dots and join them up to create the lines. This is what you are looking for:

Congratulations! You have discovered The Farmer constellation. Several other characters have comments to make on this:

The janitor says, "It sure is interesting watching those lights on the ceiling light up. What are you getting up to in that observatory, anyway?"

The Astronomy Club members greet you warmly as you enter the room... except the club president, who seems a little upset. "Okay, we get it, you're a great astronomer. I mean, four constellations? So quickly? That's just... Are you sure you aren't... cheating, somehow? How could you know so much about the sky, when we've lived here all our lives and never been able to find any constellations?" he grumps.

The archivist says, "Ah, yes, a constellation representing Florin, the great Farmer of Altador. Truly, our land has flourished because of his wise oversight in bringing us foodstuffs."

He turns away and coughs gently. "Um... it seems that I'm still having trouble finding any history books in the Archives. I'm beginning to suspect that some magic might be involved. But such magics do not bear the stain of the Darkest Faerie; I do not believe the missing history books are her doing. I think I shall investigate and see if any other history books can be found within Altador. The Archives are not the only store of knowledge here -- merely the largest, and most impressive!"

The Gems above the Florin statue now glow!

The Book of Ages has also been updated with a new chapter.

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