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Altador Mini-Plot Full Walkthrough

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March 28th, 2006

On 28th March a new area was discovered... the Restive Tomb.

This tomb stands silent and grave, watching over Altador from high atop a cliff.

Clicking on the diagonal lines in the centre of the door reveals a hidden image!

How strange. There seems to be some kind of pattern in the stonework on the front of the tomb doors. What could it mean?

Once you have clicked it, you must return to the Archivist.

The archivist says, "A pattern of two lines, on the front of that old tomb? How intriguing. I wonder what it could refer to? Perhaps there is a matching pair of lines somewhere to be found."

To find this Constellation, use our Constellation Finder.

Make your way to the telescope. You need to search for the pattern that you saw on the tomb door. You are then able to click on the dots and join them up to create the lines. This is what you are looking for:

Click the Submit Button

Congratulations! You have discovered The Sleeper constellation. Several other characters have comments to make on this:

The janitor shouts at you, "HEY! Stop leaving the lights on in the observatory! It's wasteful! I CAN'T STAND WASTEFULNESS!! RAAARGHH!!"

The Astronomy Club members crowd around you as you enter. "Wow! You discovered a new constellation! That's really awesome, so soon after joining!" They cheer and celebrate, assuring you that you're destined to be one of the greatest astronomers in Altador, if not all Neopia.

The archivist says, "Extraordinary! You've identified a constellation based on the..." He looks around suspiciously, and speaks low. "On the Darkest Faerie? Her eyes, in fact? This... how strange." He stops for a second, staring blankly. "You know, I'm having the oddest feeling, like this is familiar. There's something on the tip of my brain, some piece of information... what is it?" He shakes his head. "I just can't figure it out. Well, perhaps there are other constellations to be found."

The archivist shuffles over to the Book of Ages and flips it open. "Something else has happened, however, and it might be connected to your discovery of the constellation. A few more pages of the book have magically filled themselves in! It tells a story about the Darkest Faerie herself... from before. Before she turned evil, and betrayed us."

The Gems above the Darkest Faerie statue now glow!

The Book of Ages has also been updated with a new chapter.

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