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Altador Mini-Plot Full Walkthrough

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March 17th, 2006

First of all, the Hall of Heroes has opened in Altador. It is a room showing all 12 of the Altadorian protectors. Your first step is to visit this Hall. You can do so by clicking the large central building on the Altador map. (As seen below.)

Next, you'll want to click on the janitor in the top right corner of the hall. He's a little, orange, strangely familiar Yurble.

"Well hello," he says. "Pretty hall we got here, eh? Lovely statues. Too bad it's so dimly lit. I think this button here is supposed to do something, but I can't figure out what."

See the button with the Altador sun on it? Click it, regardless to what the yurble says. You'll get a message saying it didn't work. Click the button to return to Continue.

"I TOLD YOU! It doesn't do anything!! Why did you push it anyway?! RAARGH!!" The janitor flails his mop around angrily.

He doesn't look too happy. :- Now, return to Altador and visit the Altadorian Archives. Drop in to see Finneus, the archive keeper. (His door is to the right.)

The archivist says, "Yes, that button in the Hall of Heroes... the janitor has spoken to me about it. I'm not sure what it's supposed to do, either, or how to fix it... perhaps there's a book here in the archives that might tell me something."

As you probably guessed, click the book holding up the table. Seems rather silly to be using such an important book to hold a table up! The archivist will tell you you can't have the book. (IMPORTANT: Always be sure to press the "Continue" buttons or else it'll be like you never did that step!) Looks like we'll have to find something else to hold it up... How about a rock!?

The archivist says, "Yes, I'm using that book to stabilize this table. The bottom of the table leg is perfectly flat, but it's exactly three inches short. If only I had something to replace it..."

Take a stroll down to the local Flat Rock Quarry. To find it, you need to click a little tree at the bottom of the Altador map. (Or, you know you could just click all the links I've been linking. :P)

You'll need to select a rock to replace Finneus' book. The one towards the top of the mine (and outlined in yellow in the below image) looks fantastic. It's probably the only rock you'll be able to pry away anyways. Those Jubjub miners look ready to pounce.

You find a Perfectly Flat Three-Inch Rock. How extraordinary!

Yes, how extraordinary! Take this rock back to Finneus by visiting the Altadorian Archives and re-clicking on the book underneath the table.

You replace the book with the Perfectly Flat Three-Inch Rock. It's an exact fit, and the table is completely stable!

Upon replacing the book, Finneus will thank you, and then place the book on a pedestal for you to read. It's a great book, really. The first two pages are the only ones written, though. :P

The archivist says, "What a fascinating book. It appears to be completely blank, except for a prologue! Why would someone print a mostly blank book?"

As seen in the image above, clicking the book on the pedestal will open the book up. You can click the top corners to turn the pages. However, only pages 2 and 3 have text on them. The rest are blank. (Except for the cover, and then a little cover page on page 1.)

With that out of the way, it's time to revisit the janitor. He's finished his mop flailing fit, so it's safe to go back now. :) This time, he'll suggest that you find some oil to grease the gears of the button.

"You know, maybe the gears have just gotten dirty or seized up, it's been so long since the button was used. If there were some way to grease the gears, the button might do something again."

To find some oil, take a look at all 12 of the statues in the Hall of Heroes. Behind one of them will be some plaque-shining oil. As a side note, you can click the top of any statue image to see the ceiling. It's the very tippy top. This will be important later on.

Behind the statue's base, you notice a jar of oil and a rag.

Return to the janitor and he'll say to use the oil on the button. (Do so by clicking on the button.)

"Oh, you found the oil I use to polish the plaques! Good idea! Maybe it can free up the gears. Go ahead and put some on the button mechanism, and we'll see what happens."

You push the button.

Suddenly, gears begin to grind, and the great ceiling above you opens up, admitting much more light to the room!

"Argh! Now it's light, and I'll have to go back to mopping instead of guarding this button! Curse you!" But you think he means "curse you" in a friendly way.

Upon returning to the Hall of Heroes, and angering the forem- err, I mean janitor in the process, you'll see that the hall is much brighter now. Remember I mentioned being able to see the ceiling? Well, now there are a few more important things up there. Clicking on any statue and clicking the tippy top of it to see the ceiling will show you part of the ceiling with a bunch of blue dots in it. Right now, they don't have much significance. You are also now able to visit the Astronomy Tower in the Hall of Heroes. To do so, click the stairs behind the statue of Gordos. (See picture.)

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