Old Plot Speculation

Ah, the Darkest Faerie has returned... finally! This plot was announced years ago and it's finally going live now! With a video game and a TCG set, there are plenty of goodies and hints at the plot line, characters, and settings. So, this page will hopefully tell you all you need to know!

Reading further may give away certain portions of the plot. If you'd like to be surprised, do not read on. Also, this is all speculation meaning that the information here may or may not appear in the plot, but it's all based on facts!

To start off, we'll take a look at the various locations mentioned throughout the TCG cards. One of which, Altador, will become a new world on Neopets! As you can see, Altador is a Greek/Roman inspired seaside land. It apparently is featured on the other side of planet Neopia, though for a very long time, it was located in a time bubble to protect the nation from harm (AKA the Darkest Faerie's vengeance).

Another location is Bogshot Village! Previously thought to be from Bogshot, Sophie actually resides in the Werelupe Woods, as seen in the DF Video Game.

There are also numerous other locations in the Darkest Faerie video game, such as the Werelupe Woods, Cogham Village, and other mini-worlds.

Next, there are a ton of characters throughout the TCGs. We'll start with some of the good characters, and then reveal the evil.

Good Characters
There are quite a few Altador natives (and other Neopians) whom have been featured in cards. One of them, King Altador is one of the 12 protectors of Altador and the ruler of Altador. Jerdana is a sorceress and is responsible for helping to trap the Darkest Faerie. She is also responsible for transporting Altador into a time bubble to protect it from the evils of Neopia. Only recently has a magical portal been discovered that transports you to Altador.

Another important character is Siyana, the local Altadorian light faerie. She will most likely be a big help in a little way during any battles the Altadorians need to take part in. She is also one of the Five Legends, a group of strong characters who rule over Altador. (The some Legends are also Protectors.) Another interesting character is Florin, a protector of Altador and a guardian of the forests and farm lands.

We also have Gordos, the treasurer of Altador and a protector of Altador. There is also Fauna, who enjoys spending time with the (ironically) fauna of Neopia. Gordos and Fauna are also two of the Five Legends.

And finally, we have Solarin, a white uni from Brightvale whom is good friends with King Hagan, and is in charge of making sure Roberta stays safe on her journey to Faerieland to alert Fyora about the dark happenings in Meridell.

Now, for our two heroes of the plot... Roberta and Tormund! I'm sure that you've heard a lot about both of these Neopets, who will be the saviours of Neopia. ;)

Evil Characters
What's a plot without evil in it? Well, this one is no exception! There are plenty of evil beings, the darkest being The Darkest Faerie. She's been trapped for 1,000 years, and quite frankly, if I were a statue for 1,000 years, I'd want my revenge too!

Look how friendly she is! ^

She also has many minions, including The Darkest Knight, who will be fighting Tormund, and the Dark Faerie Sisters, Malice, Spite and Vanity.

One of the last few evil characters is The Assassin. He appears to have been hired by the Darkest Faerie herself to kill Tor and Roberta, but he doesn't seem to enjoy going after little kiddies. :P

With the characters out of the way, we can talk about some of the events depicted in the cards. The first one being Dinner is Served. It looks as if the Darkest Faerie takes advantage of King Skarl's hospitality whilst she invades Meridell to build an army. (Poor Meridell... always at war!) Another is Rainbow Flare. When Meridell is taken over by the Darkest Faerie, Brightvale sends some sort of distress signal that only faeries can answer... but there aren't any to be found!

Two others are Kidnapped and Tor's Challenge. Both showcase vicious werelupes that have taken a liking to Tor and Roberta... raw.

Jerdana will also be imprisoned by the Darkest Faerie when she returns. The other leaders of Altador are also likely to be imprisoned.

Finally, we'll end the little preview with the many tainted objects. There's Tainted Meridell, Tainted Altador, Tainted Draiks and Ixis, Tainted petpets, and plenty of Tainted Minions! Obviously, they have been marked with the Darkest Faerie's evilness, which takes over an entire area when she is near! Also, an important fact on the Tainted Altador card, it tells us that one of the "trusted" protectors of Altador betrays all of Altador and puts it under a curse. This person is of course, the Darkest Faerie.

That's it for the Darkest Faerie Expansion, but there are quite a few other cards relating to the plot scattered throughout other card decks. They are all shown below.

Could the card to the right be Marak, a protector?