The 12 Protectors

A long time ago, there were 12 individuals whom were entrusted with protecting the kingdom of Altador. Below are those 12 protectors, and some information on them.

  1. Jerdana
    Jerdana is a very important character. She was a protector of Altador, and she helped imprison the Darkest Faerie. She allowed Fyora to use her powerful orb to turn the DF into a statue, which is located at the bottom of Old Maraqua. That orb is called Jerdana's Orb, and its TCG card reads "Fyora used this artifact to imprison the Darkest Faerie for a thousand years."

  2. King Altador
    King Altador is an old knight of Altador. Not much is known about him, but he probably oversaw Altador's war/defense "departments." He also aids Tormund on his journey to stop the DF, as the flavor text on his TCG card reads "Take my advice Tor: never EVER trust a Dark Faerie." He was also featured in the card "Defender of Ador," which was a book with Jerdana and King Altador on the cover.

  3. Siyana
    Siyana is the resident light faerie of Altador. Just like most worlds have their "own" faeries (Mystery Island: Jhuidah; Meridell: Illusen; Terror Mountain: Negg Faerie & Taelia; etc.), Siyana is Altador's.

  4. Florin
    Florin is a brand new character who has never been mentioned before. According to his card, he is in charge of protecting the farmlands and forests.

  5. Gordos
    Gordos is also a new character. He is in charge of the treasury of Altador and enjoys collecting taxes. So, watch out Tax Beast: Altador is Treasurer Gordos' tax-collecting territory! Gordos is one of the Five Legends, a group of five neopets who presided over Altador and ruled it with fairness and equality (well, sorta).

  6. Psellia
    Psellia has been seen before in a previous plot. She's been on the site for quite awhile, and she helped the Meridell forces when they were fighting Kass. And now, she's one of the protectors of Altador. :)

  7. Fauna
    Fauna is yet another protector, who also enjoys the rank of being one of the Five Legends.

  8. Torakar
    The Grarrl Gladiator was first seen in the TCG in late 2003, but seems to have had a past time of being a protector. He's also a Legend, and helps Tor to train and become a knight.

  9. Marak
    Marak deals with the oceans and waters, which are right next to Altador, a coastal town.

  10. Kelland
    Kelland is a thief... making it hard to believe that he is a protector! He's also a Legend, and gives Tor an important artifact to use against the Darkest Faerie.

  11. Sasha
    We don't have too much information on this "Dancer" as of right now, but I'm sure some will be explained soon.

  12. The Darkest Faerie
    *gasp* No! This can't be! Well, it is. The Darkest Faerie was one of the 12 protectors of Altador, a Legend too! "Where's your proof!?" you demand? Well, for one, she is featured in the card The Sleeper, which is a constellation and has some interesting flavor text. For one, all 12 special Constellation cards feature the 12 protectors, and the flavor text of the DF's card reads "Asleep no more and free from her tomb, Neopia now faces certain doom." There is also the flavor text on the Tainted Altador card, which reads "One of the twelve had betrayed the others and left their city under a dark curse." This implies that one of the twelve had put the curse on Altador, and the curse being the Darkest Faerie's, the protector would have to be the Darkest Faerie!