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Here we bring you a summary of all mentions of Altador and the Darkest Faerie from past New Features and Editorials, plus a couple of unannounced pieces of news.
13th May - Neopian Times Editorial Have TNT officially released the Altador Plot yet? Because when they released a new screensaver, they said "If your screen needs some saving, why not download this new Screensaver featuing the constellations from the Altador Plot?" Sooo... has it been released or what?!?!?!?! Thanks for clearing it up!
Erm... yes. It's currently still in progress, as a matter of fact! Has been for about a month. If you haven't started yet, you'd best get busy! There's not much time left. ;)

Hi! I was just wondering about the altadorian plot. Usually a comic comes out, and I'm really looking foward to it, especially because it's taking place in Faerieland, which is my favorite. So, are they coming out soon? I'm sure they'll be fantastic. =) (like always!)
We're glad you like the comics! But that probably means you'll be disappointed with our answer to your question. :)
The Altador plot is a "mini-plot" so there will be no comic to speak of. It's taking place entirely in Altador. (:o! Was that a hint for future clues?!) The portal in Faerieland is merely the current way to get to Altador. This plot is basically something we're doing to hopefully entertain everyone while we're planning our next big event. Oops... erm, there's no big event coming soon... like in June or something. Honest.
If there were, though, it wouldn't involve the Battledome. Seriously. There is no war planned for quite a while. *slays rumour and hopes weapon and codestone prices will drop a bit, finally*
18th April Altador Update! - The Archivist has been expecting a new clue to reveal itself since Friday morning, and is surprised that it hasn't been found yet. Hopefully someone will discover it soon so we can figure out what exactly is going on in Altador!
1st April These Altadorian Petpets wanted in on the Fun Images gig, too! Use them on your pet page, in your shop or gallery, or wherever you wish.

30th March 2006 Send one of these new Altadorian Greetings to your Neofriends and we're sure they'll think you much cooler for it.

28th March 2006

The Hall of Heroes has officially opened its doors to the public! If you're planning a trip to Altador, don't forget to visit this spectacular landmark while you're there. (Oh, and don't mind the lack of light inside the hall. We're sure the Janitor will have that fixed shortly.)

And if you haven't already, be sure to visit the Altadorian Archives as well. It contains quite a large number of interesting books, so there's likely to be at least one you'll find... intriguing.
23rd March 2006

The Gift Shop has put these fancy new mugs on sale in celebration of our new Altadorian friends.

Encourage your Neofriends to visit Altador by sending them one of these new Greetings today.

The Astronomy Club leader image was discovered, but removed again a short time later. (unannounced)

21st March 2006

Today the plot neoboard changed from 'Plot - Lost Desert' into 'Plot - Altador'. (unannounced)

Plot - Altador
A mysterious book with nothing in it? A hidden observatory in the Hall of Heroes? What's going on in Altador?!

18th & 19th March 2006

After visiting Altador and speaking with its inhabitants, we have updated the Neopedia with some new information!

Today the Flat Rock Quarry and Hall of Heroes were released. (unannounced)

Neopian Times No. 231

Is there going to be another war soon involving Altador?
There will be something very minor accompanying Altador (we were just as worn out by the LDP as you were!), but there will NOT, we repeat, NOT be a war. Please head over to the Battledome board if you'd like to complain. ;)

1st March 2006

It seems two brave Neopets have discovered a strange portal in Faerie City (Fyora's Chambers to be exact)! Stepping into this portal transports Neopians to a wonderous new world called Altador. The Altadorians are quite friendly, if a little confused by their new visitors. We'll keep you updated as this mystery unravels.

Altador is quite the plentiful world. A shop called Exquisite Ambrosia has the most delectable looking foods!

The King of Altador is a rather honourable Lupe called... well, Altador is his name. A new desktop Background was created just for him.

Every item over at Magical Marvels is embued with ancient Altadorian magic. Pretty impressive, eh

Spread the word on Altador and all its splendor by using one of these new Buddy Icons.

Legendary Petpets, another new shop in Altador, may greatly interest Petpet lovers. There are a number of lovely new Petpets on sale there.

The Illustrious Armoury sells some of the finest weapons and armour around! Altadorian blacksmiths seem to be quite good at what they do.

Today the Altadorian Archives were released. (unannounced)

Neopian Times No. 229

during the summer you promised us another side of neopia and said it would be done by now. is that still coming or shall we live in wonder about what is on the other side forever?
Well, we weren't going to say anything, but the other side of Neopia (and a few other surprises) are coming very, very soon. We're working really hard on the finishing touches currently so you should see something next week or the following week if everything goes to plan. *fingers crossed*

Neopian Times No. 198

Will there be any Gelerts in the Lost Desert plot? Because I have noticed Gelerts are not really active on Neopets!
Gelerts will not be the main stars in the next plot, but there is a very cool Gelert who stars in the PS2 game and will feature in the Darkest Faerie plot we will be running on the site.

Neopian Times No. 195

Now that the Maraquan War is over shouldn't we learn about that statue in the Maraquan ruins? I thought we'd find out about it during the plot but since that's over, could ya'll please tell us?
That mysterious statue is tied up with an altogether much darker plot that will be released after the Lost Desert one. Sorry, you will just have to wait a little bit longer to find out :)

10th November 2005

There is now a much-awaited Darkest Faerie avatar for you to unlock.

There are some Darkest Faerie themed pictures for you to admire in the Art Gallery.

There is a suitably sinister Desktop Background featuring the Darkest Faerie.

There is a Darkest Faerie themed Blog for your shop.

The Darkest Faerie has been added to our How To Draw section.

As you browse the sight, you may happen upon some new Darkest Faerie themed random events...

4th November 2005

This weekend is very special, not only is it Bonfire Day (yay for fireworks and jacket potatoes), but it also marks the release of the Darkest Faerie TCG expansion.
Note: Be careful when opening your TCG booster packs, hidden inside a rare few are hand drawn sketch cards! Click here for more info about them.

The Toy Shop has plushie versions of three of the main characters from our new TCG set onsale - Tormund, Roberta and the Darkest Faerie...

7th June 2005

Darkest Faerie Update - Gamespot has a new interview all about the Darkest Faerie with more sneak previews of gameplay and some of the zones, as well as snippets of the story behind the game.

2nd May 2005

You can now see some Sneak Previews of our soon to be released PS2 game entitled the Darkest Faerie, or read an interesting Article about it. In the game, you can choose to play Tor (a Lupe) or Roberta (an Acara) as you try to save Illusen and the rest of Neopia from the most evil faerie of them all.

1st and 2nd November 2003

# UPDATE - A while back we mentioned that we were working on a PlayStation game called The Darkest Faerie, well there have been a few delays. Basically we felt that it couldn't achieve everything we wanted it to on the PS1 and so we are going to re-make it as a PS2 game (so the graphics will be much better!) and it will be out in 2005. Don't worry, it's only -23,871,059 seconds away (roughly!)

Sorry about that. The good news, however, is that the game will feature evil faeries, werelupes, a zombified King Skarl, Illusen, gigantic Draik skeletons, the legendary land of Talador and the (possible) total and utter destruction of Faerieland (unless you can stop her!)
10th July 2003

We updated our Neopets Press Kit images. Yes, all nice shiny up to date images! If you are lucky you may even see a *sneak preview* of characters from The Darkest Faerie, our PlayStation game!

20th May 2003

We are proud to announce The Darkest Faerie - a game for PlayStation that is going to be released in November of this year. It features an epic quest set over the worlds of Neopia featuring Tormund the Lupe, Sally the Aisha, Illusen and a whole host of other characters!