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December NC Collectible
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on December 1, 2021, 10:55 am NST

The third item for the Neopia On Ice collection is now released, and features the Slushie Shop! This item will only be available in December.

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December Monthly Freebies!
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on December 1, 2021, 6:51 am NST

Happy December! The beginning of a new month means another chance to collect some freebie foods and Neopoints!

Advent Calendar
Today marks the start of the annual Advent Calendar on Neopets, visit daily for free goodies throughout the month! This year, the hidden clickable is the Christmas Aisha mascot, who will appear on the sides of the screen similar to Topsi in the Negg Festival earlier this year.

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Contribute to Jellyneo
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Usul + Xweetok Day Roundup
  • Posted by Zelda
  • Posted on November 29, 2021, 5:06 pm NST

In honour of Usul Day on Saturday, a new colour is being released:

Steampunk Usul

A new colour for Xweetoks is also now available!

Stealthy Xweetok

New outfits are available for both species as well. If you're a fan of famous Usul adventurer Hannah, you can dress up your own pet to show it! Or, play the villain with a Xweetok decked out as Faeries' Ruin star Xandra:

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Year 2011 Advent Animations Preserved
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on November 24, 2021, 2:54 pm NST

We're celebrating Throwback Thursday a little early this week... so call it, Wayback Wednesday! It's time for another Flash preservation update! As you know Flash is long gone, and here at Jellyneo we are curating and converting as much old Neopian Flash content as we can into modern viewing formats so it isn't lost to the ages.

The next item to get the conversion treatment is the 2011 Advent Calendar Animations! We started with preserving the year 2000 animations, and we're slowly adding additional years to the collection.

These Advent animations have all been converted into a modern movie format that will play on both your desktop and mobile devices for many years to come.

Check back in next week as we prepare the next addition to our collection!

Previous Flash Conversions
Looking to see what else we've converted? Check out the collections below:

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Plushie Guide + New Neopets Plushies Available For Pre-Order
  • Posted by Ummy
  • Posted on November 23, 2021, 4:18 pm NST

At long last, Neopets has released a new wave of Neopets plushies for pre-order at Neopets Shop. There's five in the set: Faerie Draik (the very first Draik plushie!), and four plushie clips—Island Kadoatie, Rainbow Slorg, Plushie Snowbunny, and Royal Meepit. These are estimated to ship in around 2-4 weeks, we hope in time for the holidays. Each plushie comes with a "unique in game code."

A bundle of all five is available for $50, a $10 discount. Neopets Shop also offers international shipping.

These plushies are the latest in the long saga of Neopets plushies. Take a journey on a blast to the past by checking out our brand new plushie guide over on at our Merch Database!

Do you collect any Neopets Plushies? What plushies would you love to see made? Let us know in the comments.
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