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Site Redesign: No More Classic, Converted Wheels,
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on December 29, 2020, 12:19 pm NST

A new update to the Neopets site redesign—v0.4.2—is now live! This update contains a number of changes:

1) Classic pages for redesigned features no longer available. If a page has been converted to the new Neopets layout in the past several, months, the old Classic version of the page is no longer available. For example, the National Neopian Bank is available in the new layout, and at this time is no longer available to view using the Classic Neopets Layout. In practice, this means the "Return to Classic" option in the new layout's menu is no longer available. Any page that still has not been converted, such as the Trading Post, will continue to live on in the Classic view until its turn.

We understand that this is may be a frustrating change for some. It's likely happening because it gets very difficult maintaining two versions of the same website (and we can empathize with TNT there). This change was bound to happen at some point, and it's likely happening now given that a sizable chunk of pages are now living under the new layout.

2) Three of Neopia's wheels have been converted. The Wheel of Excitement, Wheel of Knowledge, and Wheel of Mediocrity have all been converted to be Flash-free, just ahead of the Flashpocalypse! 🎉 This also means you can access and spin these wheels from your mobile devices.

The other three wheels—Monotony, Misfortune, and Extravagance—are promised to be following soon.

(At time of writing, if you attempt to spin the three converted wheels above, you may get a "Log in to images50.neopets.com" prompt. Click "Cancel" to ignore it, you should be able to spin after that.)

3) The NC Mall "Try On" feature is now Flash-free. A simple change, clicking "Try On" in the NC Mall should now use the HTML5 version of the customisation app. At time of writing, however, it's not fully working for us.

4) Classic pages for the Games Room and Customisation App remain. With the upcoming Flashpocalypse, these pages will not be useful for long, but if you can still run Flash, you can still access the Classic versions of Flash games and the Customisation Flash app.

5) Score sending/NP rewards enabled for HTML5 games. Sending your score in the converted HTML5 games has been re-enabled. Score ratios will be adjusted as TNT looks at the data. (We're unclear if there will still be a monthly score ratio update—stay tuned as we monitor.)

6) The Pound doorways are Flash-free. The landing page for the Neopian Pound has also been updated to remove the Flash version of the three doors you click to get to Adopt, Transfer, or Abandon. A simple change that will be nice for the end of Flash.

Coming in a near-future release:

The Winter Holiday theme is coming next in a smaller content update in January. Create A Pet was going to be part of this release, but thanks to our changes to the rules recently, we decided to make some additional changes. The remaining wheels will also be coming ASAP, as well as a new Community Central hub page!

On a different note, with the forced retirement of Classic views for converted pages, one thing to be aware of is that Random Events currently do not work on the redesigned website. They simply have not been implemented yet. Since the forced change is live, we're hoping that TNT will consider porting over Random Events for the new site sooner, rather than later.

Tired of the bright yellow site theme? Try changing your beta layout theme! There are multiple themes available right now:
  • Neopets Basic
  • Neopets Yellow
  • Neopets Red
  • Neopets Blue
  • Neopets Green
  • Neopets Purple
  • Space Faerie Premium
  • Altador Constellations (this one is nice and dark compared to "Basic")
  • Haunted Woods
  • Tis the Season
You may change it by clicking your Neopet in the top left corner of the site, then clicking on "Settings". (Or going directly to the Settings page.) Look for the "Beta Theme" dropdown menu and take your pick!

Last heard from TNT, all site themes will be converted eventually. Next up, as seen above, is the Winter Holiday theme (unlockable via the Advent Calendar on December 31st if you've visited every day this year).
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Neopets Security Issues
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on December 28, 2020, 8:32 pm NST

The day after Christmas, a hacker posted on Twitter that they had somehow been able to obtain access to sensitive information on the Neopets web servers, including game source code, access credentials, and database information.

Today, Neopets has responded to the tweets by adding the following message to the last Neopian Times Editorial (#923). You can read it in full below:

Hey Neopians,

  We'd like to begin by saying the safety of our users' information is a top priority for us. As some of you may be aware, this weekend our team was notified of a claim about potential ways for outsiders to gain access to user information or data on Neopets. After looking into the claim, we’ve verified that all personal user information remains securely protected, and no current data was exposed.

For more details, please see below:

1. No credit card information has been accessed by any outside parties.

- Neopets does not store this information on our servers – it’s stored on separate payment platforms and is completely secure.

2. User account password information was and remains inaccessible by any outside parties.

- User passwords are not stored in plain text.

- No current or active accounts were exposed (all Neopets passwords were force reset in 2016).

3. We do not store user data in our code.

- After some investigation, our team found that some information that was publicized was from an old monitoring server with some folders of web page code exposed. This code only contained old internal testing data, including fake email and street addresses for internal testing purposes, which are no longer in use.

- All personal user information is securely stored behind a firewall with a layered security system. We did find that an Industry Standard Server Status Page containing very limited current connectivity information was able to be accessed in specific instances. All of these have now been secured and are no longer able to be accessed.

4. The team cleaned up some areas that were found with old data and reviewed all touchpoints involved.

- User data and the security of our site is extremely important to us. As we continue to make sure all data is completely secure, we’d like to reassure the community that no user or account information was accessed.  

As usual, we recommend frequently updating your password to further safeguard your account. Visit Settings here and get started.

In addition, our privacy policy can be found here.


From Neopian Times, Issue 923

What do I do now?
Even though TNT has said they don't believe any personal information has been compromised, we'd still recommend changing your password along with your account PIN (or adding a PIN if you don't have one yet).

And as always, use a unique password for each Neopets account. You should never use the same password among multiple websites (because then your Neopets security issue becomes a security issue for your accounts on other websites). We recommend using a password manager, such as 1Password, to generate and securely store unique passwords.
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End of Flash To-Do's
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on December 27, 2020, 1:58 pm NST

UPDATE, January 12th, 2020: At long last, Adobe Flash is dead as of today, January 12, 2020. If you attempt to run Flash in your browser, you will see a message about support coming to an end.

We'd just like to say that it's been a great run, and is certainly the end of an era of web content. Here at Jellyneo, we are still moving forward with our efforts to convert and preserve old Neopets Flash content in our Book of Ages, including additional Advent animations, plot comics, and more.

We are also confident that we will see TNT continue to convert and update old Flash features in Neopia with HTML5 versions throughout the year. Don't forget, Customisation (and the ability to dress up your Neopet) is already Flash-free! The only big still-Flash items we see left are the rest of the games, world maps, and a few dailies here and there (Kiko Pop, Qasalan Expellibox, Test Your Strength, etc.), and we expect all of these to be converted by TNT.

As you may be aware, Flash is officially ending its run on the web on January 12, 2021. This is a hard stop that Adobe, the makers of Flash, have hardcoded into the Flash Player software that you use in your web browser.

Before January 12th arrives, we wanted to get together a list of "to-do's" involving features in Neopia that still rely on Flash. You may want to complete the items on this list before January 12th, or else there may be consequences until TNT releases a Flash-free version of said feature. For example, we recommend scratching your Premium scratchcards before January 12th, as that feature relies on Flash and it is unknown when TNT will implement an HTML5 version of Premium scratchcards.

Here's what we recommend:

  • Scratch all remaining Premium Scratchcards you may have been awarded
  • And likewise, scratch any Desert Scratchcards you may wish to.
  • Complete the Altador Mini-Plot (the telescope portion uses Flash—if you already completed the plot, then you'll still be able to access the daily).
  • Collect your worms in Moltara (the Moltaran world maps are still Flash-based).
  • Remove any furniture from inside or outside your Neohome 2.0. (You can only remove an item from your Shed if it's not placed in your Neohome 2.0. Classic Neohomes can have items removed at any time, even without Flash working, so no issues there.)
  • But speaking of Classic Neohomes, you should get the Robo avatar if you don't have it already, as Classic Neohomes (and presumably the avatar for awhile) will be retiring.
  • Use up any remaining Wonderclaw and Patapult ticket packs you may have and wish to use before TNT revamps these features to be Flash-free.
  • You may also want to use up any Corridor of Chance keys you may have. The machine is Flash-free, but you do need to dress up your Neopet with items occupying specific zones in order to get the items you want, and that may be difficult until TNT converts all wearables to HTML5.
  • Play a Flash-based game to unlock any secret avatars before they become unavailable (until conversion). Or, play any of your favourites one final time before they are converted! (Visit the Game Graveyard to play a game that likely will not make it in the conversion.)
  • Add Kiko Pop to your dailies list for a shot at the avatar.
  • Spin the various Wheels of Neopia Wheel of Misfortune, Extravagange, and/or Monotony to obtain each of their secret avatars you may still be missing. (As of 12/28/2020, the Wheels of Excitement, Mediocrity, and Knowledge are now Flash-free! TNT promises the remaining 3 wheels will come soon, so this to-do may not be that time sensitive.)
  • Remove any NC Collectibles from your NC Collectible Case. If you don't, they'll be locked in until TNT removes them for you. (Click on the item in your Case, then click the "Remove from Album" button.)

If you need help or a walkthrough on how to re-enable Flash in your web browser, check out our guide to Re-Enabling Flash.

We'd also like to take this time to get your questions! Anything worrying you about the Flash conversion? Ask away in the comments, and we can confirm whether Flash is needed or not. Something missing from our list above that other Neopians may want to use up before Flash dies? Let us know in the comments as well and we'll add it to the list!
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Happy Holidays, from the JN Staff!
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on December 24, 2020, 4:00 pm NST

December Trivia! Our annual December trivia is returning the day after Christmas. At 12:01am NST on the 26th, the first trivia question will appear on the homepage of Jellyneo—and new this year, the trivia will appear only at the top of our homepage in a new stylish wooden box!

As usual, answer all 8 days of trivia correctly to earn yourself a new jnAccount trophy and a few new choices for trophy cabinet themes!

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Spotlight: Content Updates
  • Posted by Suzuka
  • Posted on December 20, 2020, 2:49 pm NST

If you come to Jellyneo regularly, you know we have a ton of content and resources around the site. Over the course of time, though, some things get a bit out of date - we've been around 16 years, after all! Major overhauls usually get their own newspost, but other updates often go unheralded. Our fabulous team of volunteer staff (from all departments!) are constantly updating articles and game guides to make them more useful. Today, we'd like to spotlight just a handful of the recently added and updated pages on JN!

Stamp Collecting: Our Stamp Collecting article has gotten a complete overhaul, adding an in-depth guide to collecting itself, a history of Neopets stamps, high-score analysis, and more. Our album page listing also has a new 'Walkthrough' feature, which breaks down the rarities of each page, and gives the origins of each r101+ stamp.

Read More »

Kaia's Quests: Kaia has broken free of our main Faerie Quest guide, and received her own page! This new page gives an overview of how her quests work, as well as listings of current and previous prizes.

Read More »

NeoDeck Card Collecting: We also have a brand new guide to collecting NeoDeck Cards! This guide includes a history of NeoDeck Cards, information on how the deck works, analysis of the High Score Table, and more!

Read More »

Employment Agency: If you're a fan of data and statistics, you'll love this update! JN collected details from more than 20,000 Employment Agency jobs, and the results of that data are now broken down in detailed fashion for everyone to see.

Read More »

Neopian Times Guide: If you've been thinking about trying to get published in the Neopian Times and need some guidance, you're in luck! Our Neopian Times Guide has been updated to be more in-line with modern times.

Read More »

Tarla's Non-Toolbar Treasures: Thanks to a team-up between our staff and a fabulous volunteer contributor, we now have a guide to Tarla and her special giveaways. Check it out to learn just how Tarla works, and what items she may give you!

Read More »

Want to contribute some time to Jellyneo? Visit our Contribute to Jellyneo page for a big list of projects we could use your help on. We're looking for help with tasks ranging from simply submitting your Kitchen Quest prizes, to writing entire guides and articles we're missing from our content library.

December Trivia! Our annual December trivia is returning the day after Christmas. At 12:01am NST on the 26th, the first trivia question will appear on the homepage of Jellyneo—and new this year, the trivia will appear only at the top of our homepage in a new stylish wooden box!

As usual, answer all 8 days of trivia correctly to earn yourself a new jnAccount trophy and a few new choices for trophy cabinet themes!

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