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Tropical Summer Retired Mystery Capsule
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on June 21, 2022, 1:31 pm NST

A new re-release mystery capsule has debuted in the NC Mall! This capsule includes items from the Summer Shop over the years.

This capsule also comes in two different bundles that also include the newly released Coconut Cutie Mystery Capsule (which is a basic capsule containing exclusive items).

To see what's inside the new re-release capsule, check out our Mystery Capsule guide!

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Kau Day Roundup
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on June 20, 2022, 3:31 pm NST

Kau Day is incoming, and to celebrate a new colour is available:


This fluffy design was inspired by (fittingly-named) user cowsprite!

This year's Kau outfit is inspired by Morguss (who is a Moehog... but it still works!)

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New Pins at What's Your Passion
  • Posted by Ummy
  • Posted on June 18, 2022, 6:36 pm NST

What's Your Passion has released a new wave of pins and a brooch for pre-order. These are scheduled to ship in the beginning of August.

First are two pride pins, a 2.5" (6.35cm) Rainbow Yurble and a 2" (~5cm) Fountain Faerie. 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the It Gets Better Project.

Two other faeries are available: the Space Faerie and Soup Faerie.

There's also a pin of Neopia's newest Petpet, the Talpidat, who you might recognise from this year's Festival of Neggs.

Last but not least, the Darkest Faerie's brooch can now be yours. Dark powers not included, but it does include a chain if you wish to wear it as a necklace.

See our Discount Codes guide for how to save on What's Your Passion Jewelry merchandise. The Darkest Faerie Brooch counts as a pin toward the free pin discount code.
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Nimmo Day Roundup
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on June 15, 2022, 10:42 am NST

To celebrate Nimmo Day, a new colour is now active:


If you've ever had the urge to dress your Nimmo up as a Rock Beast (who hasn't?), there's also a new outfit available:

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TNT Altador Cup Staff Tournament Round 2
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on June 15, 2022, 5:22 am NST

The second round of this year's Staff Tournament has now started over at the Altador Cup, you will have until the end of day 20th June to select your team again.

If you selected Unknown as the Star Player for the last round, you will have received a new item as a prize:

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