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Elephante Day Roundup
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on January 18, 2022, 2:11 pm NST

To celebrate the recent Elephante Day, a new colour is now active!


A new set of clothing themed to the Elephante Blacksmith from the Illustrious Armoury shop is also now active:

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Happy Sloth Day!
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on January 14, 2022, 9:35 am NST

From all of us at Jellyneo...

Enjoy the Sloth themes around our site!

Don't Forget: The Mind Control Lab on Neopets is only available today, January 14th. Make sure you take your loyalty test, as this is your only opportunity for the year to prove that you truly love Dr. Frank Sloth.

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Neopets x Cakeworthy Collection
  • Posted by Ummy
  • Posted on January 13, 2022, 10:50 pm NST

A new Neopets merch collaboration has launched with the fashion brand Cakeworthy, featuring 11 exclusive items.

This collection includes Neopets first ever series of blind box enamel pins! Which faerie dolls will you get? (NOTE: The product description names 7 faeries plus 1 mystery faerie, Your possibilities include Illusen, Jhudora, Fyora, Taelia, Kari, The Tooth Faerie, The Soup Faerie, and one mystery Faerie! The product photo shows all 8 different faeries, including the Darkest Faerie who is not named in the description and is likely the "mystery Faerie".)

There's a small range of clothing in ladies or unisex sizing–a sweater, flannel shirt, dress, long sleeve shirt, T-shirt, and rather vibrant onesie. Don't forget the accessories–a mini backpack and tote, as well as stationery–sticky notes and a notebook. Cakeworthy ships to the US, Canada, and the UK.

You can find more info about each of these items in our Merch Database!

What do you think of this new collection? Is it an improvement over previous Neopets clothing releases? Let us know in the comments!

Want a discount? Sign up to receive Cakeworthy newsletters to get a 10% off discount code valid for a week. You can receive an easy $10 off and additional rewards by making an account, signing up for Sprinkles Rewards, and following the steps on the rewards page. However, the rewards discounts do not stack with the 10% off code.
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Buzz Day Roundup
  • Posted by Suzuka
  • Posted on January 11, 2022, 6:36 pm NST

A new "old" color has been released for Buzz Day.


Savvy Neopians may recognize the design as being based on an old, unreleased design:

If your Buzz is a fan of exploring, they may also enjoy this new Lampwyck-themed outfit:
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Neopia Movie Studio Opens iOS Beta
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on January 8, 2022, 12:43 pm NST

Update Tuesday 11th: It appears the Facebook adverts have now stopped running, meaning at present if you are not already in the beta you cannot join it. We will keep you updated if more spaces open.

As we reported yesterday, a new match-3 game called Neopia Studio was looking for beta testers via an ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram. And today, for those who signed up with an iOS device, beta invites are being sent out!

The premise is that you have returned to a small town with an abandoned movie studio and your job is to revive the studio to its former glory:

You'll also receive a message with some more info:

Dear Neofriends,

Neopia Studio Match-3 is here to bring back your childhood memories! Come and run your very own Neopia Studio, get immersed in healing stories, and use your camera to keep those memories alive.

Solve Match-3 puzzles to build your studio, recruit actors, choose scripts, and film these touching stories.

Each Neopet has its own story. You may enter their Dreamland, listen to their stories about sadness or sincerity, and unleash their nature!

For more features, check them out in the game! If you have any problems or suggestions, please contact us by sending an email to support@neopets.com

From there, it looks like a typical match-3 style game that allows you to progress through the storyline:

The game currently has 3 species available:

And finally, here's a short clip of the game play (sound on 🔊):

From what we've seen so far, there is no way to link your Neopets.com account—but this is a very early beta, so that doesn't mean it's not something coming later.

How to participate in the beta?
As we shared yesterday, the only way to access this beta is to find an advertisement for it on Facebook or Instagram and click the "Sign Up" button in the ad. (You'll then be asked for some info like your email so you can receive a private invite. You'll need the TestFlight app on iOS to participate.) It's not known exactly how to trigger the ad, but searching for "JumpStart Games" a few times and liking their page seem to sometimes result in the ad displaying.

UPDATE: It looks like invites for testing the game via the Google Play Store on Android have gone out as well, in addition to this morning's iOS invites. If you haven't received one (and signed up for beta), double check your spam folder! We're seeing reports that Gmail (of all email services...) is marking the Android invites as spam.

If you signed up for the beta and have an Android device, you do not need a special link, just visit the below link to download the app (as long as the email you provided is the same email as your Play Store account):

iOS beta testing will require a special invitation email that contains a unique code to redeem in TestFlight.

Here's the official Play Store description of the app:

If there is a thing that carries happy childhood memories, it must include Neopets - a virtual pet game running across Europe and America for 21 years.

Based on stories of Neopets, Neopia Studio Match3 is a match-3 game that brings you to a fantastic world, where you can run your Neopia Studio, experience wonderful dreamland, and solve match-3 puzzles. Let’s grow together with adorable Neopets and fix their special inner worlds!

Game Features:
1. Unique Match-3 Levels: Thousands of levels and fascinating puzzles like collecting Pixie Bottles and completing Portraits, making the matching more interesting!
2. Dreamland: Get immersed in healing stories and explore special inner worlds to bring happiness back!
3. Adorable Neopets: Those familiar characters are back for a fresh start. Beat match-3 levels to collect them!
4. Pet Appearances: Tons of impressive options for you to customize your pet’s appearance!
5. 3D Levels: The distinctive 3D levels will give you a totally different Match-3 experience!

If you have any problems or suggestions, please contact us by sending an email to support@neopets.com

Have you been invited to participate? Let us know what you think so far in the comments!
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