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Zurroball Information
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In Zurroball, you must keep the ball from touching the ground by clicking on it and causing it to bounce up. Doing tricks in the air will score you bonus points! In order to collect your points, you must get your ball to cross back above the red line; any points that you earn but don't collect will be lost.

Choosing a Ball

You get to choose from a selection of different types of ball with which to play; each ball has different qualities, so experiment with them all and choose the one you find easiest. After that, it's all up to the way you play.

Main Game Screen
To play with the Grundo Ball, click the "N" badge on the Grundo's space suit.

Ball Skill Level Description Style of Play
Zurroball Beginner Big, slow and heavy Style 1
Snot Ball Beginner Slow, small and heavy Style 1
Metal Ball Intermediate Medium-sized, very slow and heavy Style 1
Energy Ball Expert Small, fast and bouncy Style 2
Eye Ball Intermediate Big, fast and bouncy Style 2
Grundo Ball Beginner Big, light and bouncy Style 2


You earn points in Zurroball by completing specific movements with the ball before sending it back above the line.

Name How To Do It # Of Points
Freestyle Bounce the ball over the line without any special tricks 1
Right/Left Zurro Bounce the ball off the right or left wall 3
Boomerang Bounce off one wall, then click it once to make it bounce off the opposite wall 5
Around The World Bounce off one wall, then bounce off the opposite wall without clicking in between 10
Grounder Let the ball fall extremely close to the ground and then click it at the last minute to make it bounce back up again 10

Play Styles

As each ball has different qualities, one style of play will work better for one than the other. I have recommended which to use above, though it's by no means set in stone that you have to play a particular way.

Style 1

This style gets lots of points in a short period of time, but is very difficult to sustain. Each time you click the ball at an angle, it speeds up, so the ball will become very hard to control within about a minute using this method. Even for a beginner, a minute is just long enough to cram in a lot of bonus points! As you get better at the game, and learn to control the different types of ball better, you will be able to keep up this style of play for extended periods to gain even more points.

Try and do lots of Boomerangs and Around the Worlds, as if you get them wrong, you still get 3 points for doing a Right or Left Zurro! However, the ball is very hard to control after these tricks, so make sure you cash in your points!

Style 2

This guide gets points at a slower rate, but is sustainable for long periods of time.

The game has a "sweet spot" (or line!) which can be exploited. If you put your mouse anywhere on the line below and click the ball, it will bounce back up in a straight line, without moving to the left or the right! Then, when it comes back down the line again, you can click it again and it will go up and come down (and so on). The line is only one pixel wide, however, so it will take a few tries to locate it!

Sweet Spot

See the green bit on the blue line? That's where you can really boost your score. If you can score Grounders in the green bit, it'll shoot back up the line, just as if you were clicking anywhere along the line, but you'll be scoring x10 more points!

The Grundo Ball is especially suited to scoring grounders using this method!

Useful Tips

  • When doing Grounders, switch your volume on, and put it high. Each time you score a Grounder, you'll hear a beep. Counting the beeps, you can decide if it's worth cashing in your points, or doing more Grounders first.
  • Playing the game in full screen is easier. The ball is maximized, but your cursor stays the same size!
  • Many newbies find the Grundo Ball easiest, as it is large, light and bouncy. Intermediate and expert players are more suited to the Energy Ball, and, to a lesser extent, the Eye Ball. However, which ball you use is purely up to personal preference once you get comfortable with the game.

Good luck, fellow Zurroballers!

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