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Wrath of the Snowager

Wrath of the Snowager Information
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Uh oh. The Chia Thief has run off with a pack full of loot from the Snowager's cave. And he is not happy. In this game, the Snowager is after that Chia for his loot, and it's your responsibility to guide him and retrieve it all.

Basic Gameplay

You begin with 3 lives and 2 icy blasts. Each time you fail a level (i.e., run into something), you lose a life. You control the Snowager with the left and right arrow keys: movement is relative to the direction Snowy's facing. Furthermore, you can press the spacebar to release an icy blast and freeze the Chia for a few seconds. Be careful, though, you don't have many icy blasts!

You'll lose a life if you run into an obstacle in the middle of the level, the wall of the level, or your own tail. And beware, each time you pick up an item, your tail gets longer...just like Meerca Chase!

A sample of a level. The Snowflake shows the number of icy blasts you have, and the heart your lives.

Every so often the Chia will drop an item or a power-up. Simply follow it around and avoid the red power-ups and get the green ones and the items. Simply run over something to acquire it. The continuum at the top of the screen shows you how many items you have and how many more you need.

After some time out on the floor, items will disappear to return to the Chia's pack. With increasing difficulty levels, the items disappear more quickly, until on Hard mode they disappear faster even than the power-ups.

Sometimes the Chia will suddenly turn purple and all the items on the screen will come zooming toward it. This is incredibly helpful if you're right next to the Chia--you'll catch all the items as they come close. On the other hand, it's a huge pain if you're too far away to catch them. But don't worry. Items only move if they're within a certain small distance from the Chia. That is, if the item is all the way across the screen, it won't move.

All these items are mine! MWAHAHAHAHA!


This table gives the title of each of the 12 levels and the number of items you must retrieve to complete that level at each difficulty. Whenever you begin a new level, it unlocks that level on all difficulties in the start menu for the next game. However, the levels are not permanently unlocked. You may only start as far as you got on the previous game. So if you get all the way to the 12th level on one game and start over the next, only to lose on the first level, only the first level will be unlocked for your third game.

The first four levels are set in the Ice Caves of Terror Mountain and have the least number of obstacles within the level. The next four levels are set in Happy Valley and contain more obstacles. The final four levels are set on the top of Terror Mountain itself and contain many obstacles you must navigate. The Chia gets gradually faster with each passing level and is noticeably faster on the higher difficulty levels.

Level Titles and Items Required
# Level Title Easy Medium Hard
1 Give Back My Loot! 12 12 20
2 Chase the Chia 12 12 20
3 Slide Carefully 12 13 20
4 Ice-Cold Pursuit 13 14 21
5 Welcome to the Valley 13 14 21
6 Snowy Trails 13 15 21
7 Getting Tougher 14 16 22
8 Watch Out For Trees 14 17 22
9 Peak of Danger 14 17 22
10 Tight Turns 15 18 23
11 Chia Chaos 15 19 23
12 The Last Loot 16 20 24


These are the items available to be picked up during the game. Each difficulty level includes the items in its box and the items in the boxes before. Click on any image to go to its IDB page. (You don't actually get to keep the items, of course, but you can drool over them!)

Easy Mode Items
Medium Mode Items
Hard Mode Items

Platinum Negg

2,000 points

Mutant Negg

3,000 points

Sloth Negg

4,000 points

Jewelled Negg

5,000 points

Snowager Petpet Bed

5,000 points

Snowager Stained Glass Window

5,000 points

Snowager Usuki

6,000 points

Pink Faerie Snowball

6,778 points

Bullseye Snowball

9,520 points

Itsy Bitsy Tiny Snowball

27,500 points


  • If you want to gain a large amount of points quickly (such as for Daily Dare or similar events), play the first two levels on Hard difficulty. With lower speeds and a single obstacle in the center of the field, these levels are an easy way to get that elusive AAA score. If you reach the end of the second stage and still don't have the desired score, run into a wall before collecting the last piece of loot to start the level over; you'll retain the points you earned, and the second level happens to give out more Extra Life power-ups than any other.
  • Beware of the Speed Boost and More Loot power-ups: the speed boost is sometimes too much, especially on the hard difficulty. Meanwhile, circling to get all the loot from the More Loot power-up puts you in greater danger of running into yourself. It's usually worth it, just be careful.
  • One of the best ways to pick up the items is by running over the Chia. The Chia will drop three items and be frozen in place for a bit if you run over it.
  • Running over the Chia when it is frozen by power-up or icy blast makes it drop even more items!
  • Be quick when you run over the Chia--often it will turn purple very soon after and pick up the items all over again.
  • Avoid the Drop Loot power-ups at all costs. (Well, most costs--not the cost of a life!) They are incredibly annoying and tend to cause chaos if they occur right after running over the Chia or a More Loot power-up or when there's a lot of loot on the floor
  • If you have the Attract Loot power-up, track down the Chia and freeze him with an icy blast. When you run over him he'll drop five items, which will all go zooming towards you! (Thanks to valrigard for the tip!)
  • On the harder levels, stick to circling in one direction or the other--you're less likely to run into yourself if you're not trying to turn around.
  • Save your icy blasts for when the Chia is in a confined space so that you have a better shot at getting the items he drops since they can bounce off walls and into you. (Thanks mandyisback for these!)
  • If you think that an item is too close to a wall or tight spot for you to get it safely, try waiting for the Chia to pick it up again, taking it to a safer spot. (Thanks to channi for the tip!)
  • Easter Egg: During gameplay, pressing the "+" key on your keyboard will cause the Snowager to grow in the same way that collecting items does. Unfortunately, the "-" key does not cause it to shrink at all. Not so much a tip as more of a warning not to do it! (Thanks to june_scarlet for letting us know about this.)


These are the power-ups you can pick up in the course of the game. The Chia drops them every so often, always a drop loot one first. As you might guess, the red ones are bad and the green ones are good, though I'd be careful of the speed one--you might lose control on the higher difficulties because you're moving so fast. The red power-ups bounce around the level, speeding up each time they bounce off a wall or obstacle. The green power-ups remain stationary. Both disappear after some time, the red becoming stationary before it does.

Power-up Images and Descriptions
Image Name Description
Lose Loot Makes the Snowager drop the specified number of items. Number grows every few levels and is higher for higher difficulties.
Slow Down Slows the Snowager down for several seconds.
Attract Loot Attracts all the loot on the screen to the Snowager. Just let it happen. Seriously. I can't count the number of times I've circled around and run into myself chasing something that was chasing me.
More Loot Makes the Chia drop all its loot. Try to be near the Chia when this happens because usually it turns purple right afterward and picks half of it up all over again. It's still quite helpful, however.
Extra Life Gives the Snowager an extra life.
Icy Blast Gives you an extra icy blast to use on the Chia.
Score Multiplier Gives you a score multiplier bonus of the specified amount for several seconds. Can vary from 2x to 5x.
Speed Boost Speeds up the Snowager by 25% for several seconds.
Freeze Thief Freezes the thief in place for a few seconds.
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