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Bigsby Shadington's Wonderclaw

As of January 12, 2021, Wonderclaw is not available. In order to use the claw machines, Adobe Flash is needed which was discontinued on January 12th by Adobe. We anticipate TNT will be converting this feature to be Flash-free at some point in 2022. Until then, we recommend not purchasing Widget packs or power-ups.

Bigbsy Shadington's Wonderclaw is an NC Mall game based on arcade claw grabbers. As with JubJub Power Bounce and Blumaroll, you'll need to purchase widget packs with Neocash, which requires real money. This game does not award any Neopoints and therefore can be played on side accounts.

New machines and prizes will be available once in a while.

Be sure to check out the game's FAQ before playing.

Obtaining Widget Packs

The following widget packs are no longer purchasable in the NC Mall as of April 2021.

Game Play

You'll need to obtain a widget (1-pack or a multiple pack) from the NC Mall and activate it in your inventory, using the "Activate" option. After activating a Widget, it will not expire. Once you are inside the game, you'll need to choose a machine to play on.

Hint: If you're having trouble figuring out what the machine's theme is, select and it hit "Play Game". You'll be asked to confirm using your widget, along with the message:

"You chose the theme Machine! Are you sure you want to use one of your widgets?"

At which point you can always say "no" to choose a different machine.

Wonderclaw Main Page

Load up a widget by dragging it from the top right into the widget slot. At this time, you can also choose to use a Large Claw Power-Up if you have one.

A Wonderclaw Machine

Use your arrow keys to move the claw around and press the space bar to grab a prize pod. If you do not do this within 30 seconds, the claw will automatically descend and grab something for you. The colour of the pod does not affect the prize you'll receive. Click on the selected prize pod to claim your prize. You can use a Tier Boost Power-Up at this point to change your prize to an item from a higher tier. Once you've received your prize, that is the end of the game and you can use up another widget to play again if you want.

The Clawwww!

If your game freezes or you accidentally exit, you can come back to the Wonderclaw page and resume (it won't take an extra widget from you).


Within Wonderclaw, there are two power-ups that can be purchased from the NC Mall to enhance your game. When playing a widget, you'll have the option to use an activated power-up, or you can choose not to (by selecting the "No" button that pops up). Once purchased, power-ups do not expire and will not go into your inventory; instead, they will be added to your in-game power-up tally. This also means that you are unable to gift the power-ups to other users.

Tier Boost Wonderclaw Power-Up
Tier Boost Wonderclaw Power-Up

(25 NC)
Upgrades the prize you receive at the end of playing a widget. For example, if you grabbed a wood tier prize, your power-up would boost the prize up to a random item from the bronze tier. You only receive the upgraded prize item. This power-up cannot be used if you initially grabbed a gold tier prize.
Large Claw Wonderclaw Power-Up
Large Claw Wonderclaw Power-Up

(75 NC)
Enhances the claw so that you are guaranteed to pick up two prizes instead of one. The two prizes may be from different tiers. You may still use a Tier Boost Power-Up on any of the two prizes you get.

Retired Prizes

You may view a full list of retired Wonderclaw prizes in our archives, based on release date:

Current Prizes

Below are the list of current prizes, sorted by machine. Regular prize pods come down the chute on the right side of the machine. If a golden prize pod comes down the left-hand chute, you'll receive a special bonus prize as well as a gold tier item.

Retro Machine

Wood Tier Items - Retro Machine
Bronze Tier Items - Retro Machine
Silver Tier Items - Retro Machine
Gold Tier Items - Retro Machine
Bonus Item - Retro Machine

Dream Machine

Wood Tier Items - Dream Machine
Bronze Tier Items - Dream Machine
Silver Tier Items - Dream Machine
Gold Tier Items - Dream Machine
Bonus Item - Dream Machine

Jungle Machine

Wood Tier Items - Jungle
Bronze Tier Items - Jungle
Silver Tier Items - Jungle

Jungle Girl Outfit

Lantern lit Tree

Palm Leaf Wings

Tropical Makeup
Gold Tier Items - Jungle
Bonus Items - Jungle
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