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Wicked Wocky Wobble

Wicked Wocky Wobble Information
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Wicked Wocky Wobble is a fun game of balance and co-ordination. You play as Wallace, a junk-collecting Wocky who just can't tear himself away from the falling items in the forests of Meridell. Your job is to catch as many items as possible, but watch out—that towering pile isn't very stable! If you move too quickly, you'll drop all your items!


In the game, the mouse controls Wallace's movement left and right. Moving the mouse suddenly causes Wallace to dash across the screen faster, which spells almost certain doom if you're holding more than two items. In order to move about the screen without dropping everything, you'll want to make only small, jerky movements. In the latter stages, you probably won't want to move at all, as every little mouse movement could send your pile of items flying!

To catch a falling object, stand directly beneath it with Wallace's arms outstretched. It's important, especially in the early stages of the game, to line up the items on the pile as neatly as possible.

Arms out like this!
"Here, shelly-shelly-shell! Come to papa!"

Occasionally, Wallace's path may be blocked by a Drackonack or a Warf. They enter from either end of the screen and limit the space Wallace has to move around in. The best strategy here is to run towards the Petpet in question, as it will stop when it reaches Wallace. This means you'll have more room to wobble around in—being boxed in is never good!

There is a cheat in the game for your high-score-achieving pleasure: once per game, type wocky during gameplay when you have at least four items and a Buzzer will drop down and freeze your stack for a few seconds, provided he lands on your stack.


One of the tricks to achieving a high score in Wicked Wocky Wobble is realising some items are worth more than others. If you're aiming for a trophy, you will be much better off biding your time and waiting for items that will give you more points.

The first two items that drop will always be worth either 11 or 22 points.

11 Points

22 Points

35 Points

50 Points

80 Points

111 Points

Thanks to Kataklysmos for help with collating these items.


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