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Wheel of Mediocrity

This wheel costs 100 NP to spin!

You can spin this wheel once every 40 minutes.

The Wheel of Mediocrity!

Wheel of Mediocrity Prizes
Space Awarded Prize Chance*
1 A Grarrl roars at your Neopet (nothing happens) ~4%
2 You win 4,000 NP and an avatar!
(You will not get a notice about the avatar but it will appear in your Neoboard preferences.)
3 This space is seemingly no longer possible. (Previously, this would lower an old-style ability by one level.) -
4 You win 200 NP! ~9%
5 Either nothing happens, or you lose a random item in your inventory. ~0.75%
6 This space is seemingly no longer possible. (Previously, this would raise an old-style ability by one level.) -
7 You win 2,000 NP! ~9%
8 A pterodactyl swoops down and bites your active pet, causing it to lose half its health. ~9%
9 A random Tyrannian furniture item (r90 and lower) ~1.5%
10 You win 100 NP! ~9%
11 A random Tyrannian petpet (r90 and lower) ~2.5%
12 A random Tyrannian food (r90 and lower) ~13%
13 You win 500 NP! ~18%
14 You feel a strange desire to visit the obelisk...but nothing else happens. ~1.5%
15 Fireballs rain down and singe your Neopets, causing all of them to lose half their health. (Scorchios and Fire coloured pets are immune.) ~9%
16 You win 1,000 NP! ~9%
*The chances above are approximate and based on ~2,300 recorded spins from Jellyneo staffers.

Using Boons

Certain factions give the opportunity of activating the Right Round Round Round boon if you side with them and they emerge victorious from the Battleground of the Obelisk. When selected, this boon allows you to spin the wheel twice before the usual waiting period comes into effect. You have to refresh the page after your first spin before you can spin again.


Mediocrity / Guide

Land on the "4,000 NP" space on the Wheel of Mediocrity.

Released: July 2, 2004

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