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Web of Vernax

Web of Vernax Information
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In Web of Vernax you play a Spyder spinning strangely square webs, trying to trap certain petpetpets known as Vernax. To eat.

Beware being invited for dinner by the Spyder

How to Play

You play using a mouse, though it's possible to use a touchscreen or trackpad. Click in the solid grey part, drag the mouse in the direction you want the web to go, then let go. The Spyder will create a web in a straight line until they hit the other wall. Be careful; if a Vernax runs into your web while it's red and you're still spinning it, you lose a life. There's also a time limit in each level, represented by the grandfather clock. Run out of time, and you also lose a life. Lose enough lives, and it's game over.

The start of a promising game

To capture a Vernax, you must catch it in a web with four complete sides and corners. You do this by having ready three sides of the web, waiting for the P3 to enter the web, then closing off the final side before the Vernax has the chance to bounce out of there again.

Just a bit closer...

There we go!

You can also earn extra lives by collecting the little mini-Spyders known as Spyder Bites that appear for a few seconds. Collect them by crossing over them with a web, though be careful not to run into any vernax along the way. Collect ten of these Spyder Bites and earn an extra life.

Starting in the later levels, there's also an enemy - Red Spyders that run along the outskirts, eating up your carefully laid webs. If they reach a dead end, however, they die. So lay out a few webs for them to travel along, and hope they choose to do so.


The smaller the web, the more points you get for it. Collecting more than one Vernax in the same web also multiplies your score. There's a bonus for only using two, three, or four webs, though that's only possible when there's few Vernax on the screen.


Lay out several parallel lines as a trap for the Vernax. Wait for the Vernax to enter one of them, then close the web to make a square.

Just you wait, just you waaait...

Remember, the narrower and shorter the webs, the more points you'll get, and the less time it'll take to fill in. Just be sure to leave yourself enough space to not get caught by the Vernax instead.

Quick Tips

  • Collect Spyder Bites for extra lives on the first few levels by leaving a Vernax until the last second.
  • The round Vernax travel up and down, while the oval Vernax travel side to side.
  • When there's one Vernax, try to only make two web lines for the 50 point bonus.
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