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Volcano Run

This game has been retired! You may no longer play it any form. Current Version »

Let's see, Volcano Run... This game is under the 'hard' section, but in truth, it's fairly effortless. This game is fast and easy to become skilled at, but only with some practice. Okay, here are the directions:

Use the left mouse button to fly upwards, and release the button to go downwards. If you press the Space Bar, Glubgar, the Scorchio you play, will use his wings to brake. Avoid the fireballs that fly towards you, and try not to crash into the walls of the tunnel or the rocks.

All these rules and more are in the INSTRUCTIONS section when you finished loading the game. Simple enough? Well, it should be. Now, each crystal is worth about 20 points, so grab them whenever you have a safe opportunity. To get a shield, which looks like a giant bubble, all you have to do is fly over it and it'll automatically encase you in it. That means that when you hit a rock or fireball, the shield and whatever you hit will both vanish. The same happens when you hit the ceiling and the floor. However, you will only lose your shield, not the game, leaving you unharmed.

The game will speed up when you achieve the following numbers of points:

  • 200 points
  • 500 points
  • 1000 points
  • 1500 points
  • 2000 points

It seems to change every 500 points after you reach one thousand. Practice is the key to this game! Practice more and more until you finally get the hang of it.


Typing the word "lava" while playing will give you a shield if you do not have one.

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