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Usuki Frenzy

Usuki Frenzy Information
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Your childhood dream was to run around your house cleaning your toys up, right? No? Really?? Well, just in case you can't get enough of cleaning your own house (or, want to avoid it), you can help Lucie clean hers. Her parents are waiting impatiently for her to finish up so that they can all leave for the Usuki Doll Convention, so you better hurry!

And when you're done, I can make a new mess for you to clean up!

How to Play

Under the direction of Lucie's parents, you must pick up various Usuki items that Lucie has left lying around her house. You will be given a list that can be viewed on the left side of the screen. Once you've collected everything on your list, you can proceed to the next level; there are three levels in total.


Use your arrow keys to direct Lucie around her house. To pick up an item, simply walk over it. If you pick up an incorrect item, you will notice a message appear at the top of the screen. You must then return the incorrect item to one of the four red bookshelves before you can continue. You can do this by walking to either square 1, 3, 5, or 8 and walking up to the shelf (see the Game Map section below for more information).

You have a total of 180 seconds at the start of the game. You will not gain any extra time when you move between levels, so work quickly! If this game seems familiar to you by now, that's probably because it's almost identical to another fan favourite, Revel Roundup!

Items To Collect

In each of the three levels, you will be asked to find a certain number of Usuki Sets. Your list will consist of four items in level 1, seven in level 2, and ten in level 3. The Usuki Sets will always be in the exact same locations every time you play the game, so it's beneficial to memorize them for faster game play. Then, you can avoid going into rooms that do not have items you need, and you can maximize your time bonus.

Below are all the Usuki Sets that you will find in the game, along with their room numbers from our Game Map. All of these are real Neopian items except for the Usuki Space Set, which is why we have placed it in its own table.

Usuki Space Set
Usuki Space Set
Usuki Space Set
Room 1

In addition, there are several Usuki dolls lying around the house—these are bonus items and can be collected for extra points.

In level 2, you can find a Magical Hair Usuki in the living of the house (square 5). In level 3, you can find another Magical Hair Usuki in the dining room (square 8) as well as a Hula Girl Usuki in the kitchen (square 9). The Ballerina Usuki, on the other hand, is a hidden item. To reveal it, press the space bar and the up arrow key when you are standing in front of the computer in square 3. The Ballerina Usuki will then appear somewhere random in the room. This can only be used once per game.

Usuki Dolls


Scoring is pretty straightforward in this game. Each Usuki Set that you recover will net you 15 points, and the bonus Usuki dolls will net you 16 points each. If you pick up an incorrect item, you will not lose points. Finally, you will receive a time bonus at the end of each level which equals the amount of time you have left on the clock divided by 2.

The below table details the maximum number of points you can earn in each level from collecting items alone—it does not factor in time bonuses and does not calculate your total number of game points. For level 2, this score includes collecting the Magical Hair Usuki, and for level 3, the score includes collecting all three Usukis.

Usuki Frenzy Points
Level Items Needed Points
1 4 60
2 7 121
3 10 198


Probably the most useful strategy is to memorize the location of the Usuki Sets. This allows you to check only the squares of the map that you need to in order to collect the items on your list. As a result, you are more efficient and can maximize your time bonus. You may need to detour in levels 2 and 3, however, in order to get the Usuki dolls.

Think of the Neohome as a grid of 9 squares, labeled as such:

1 | 2 | 3
4 | 5 | 6
7 | 8 | 9

In this system, square #1 is the top left (where you start the game), square #3 is the top right, #7 is the bottom left (an empty square), and #9 is the bottom right.

It's also best to try and finish each level as quickly as possible for two reasons: to maximize your time bonus and to maximize the amount of time you have on the next level. You only have 180 seconds to complete the entire game, so the longer you spend on a level, the less time you have on future levels.

Quick Tips

  • Avoid incorrect items! You will lose valuable time for every one you pick up.
  • To reveal the Ballerina Usuki, press the space bar and the up arrow key when you are standing in front of the computer in square 3.
  • The time you start with is all the time you are given.
  • Memorize the locations of the Usuki Sets—it's the only way to earn a trophy-worthy score.
  • Don't forget to collect all 4 Usukis during the game for extra points
  • To get to the Pirate Usuki Play Set, walk down when you're in the bedroom (square 3)

Game Map

Below is a map of Lucie's Neohome—this layout (including the location of the Usuki Sets) stays the same for all three levels, so memorize it!

To access the Pirate Usuki Play Set on the garden porch, enter the bedroom (square 3) and walk down. Although there is no official doorway, you can access the porch from here.

Level Map

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