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Usuki Frenzy

This game has been retired! You may play it in the Game Graveyard, but you may not send your score or earn Neopoints. Current Version »

The Storyline

With her parents screaming at her to leave, Sally the Usul has two minutes to run about her house and pick up her ten favourite Usuki sets to dress her Usuki Dolls. Are you up to the challenge?

How To Play

You play Sally the Usul and are given 2 minutes to collect the 10 Usuki sets she wants from the five rooms in her Neohome. If you pick up one that isn't wanted, you have to put it onto the nearest shelf. All you need to use in this game are your arrow keys to move Sally around. You can save time whilst playing if you recognise the Usuki sets which Sally has to collect. The 10 sets never change from game to game, so it pays to remember which ones they are. This is how I win most of the time.

Route to Follow

The best route to follow (in my opinion), is to go from the room you start in (bedroom), to the bathroom which is on the right. Then, from the bathroom into the dining room. After the dining room, the kitchen and the lounge. This way you don't cross the same room twice and save yourself some time. (You wouldn't have to go through the kitchen twice.)

Point Scoring

For every Usuki you collect that is on the list, you gain 10 points. However, for every wrong Usuki you touch, you lose 3 points (and the time it takes to return it to a shelf). For every second left on the clock, you will gain 1 point.

My Top Tips

  • Walk slower to avoid hitting any unwanted sets.
  • Follow whichever route you find easiest. My route is for beginners.
  • When you enter the bathroom from the bedroom, or your are just walking to the right, you should be aware that Sally's speech bubble can block out some Usuki sets. This can lead to you walking into the wrong sets without meaning to do so. This is an important factor to remember to ensure completion. If this happens, just turn the other way and walk a few paces.
  • For speedier times and higher scores, restart the game if the first two items you need in the starting room are in far corners.
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This game guide was written by: Grumpystuff