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Ultimate Bullseye II

Ultimate Bullseye II Information
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Ultimate Bullseye, the ever popular game, is back in a new and improved Ultimate Bullseye II! This sees the infamous Turtum back with his ballista in tow. With 10 shots to earn as many points as you can, it is best to start channelling your inner-medieval self now as this game can be a bit tricky!



There are three vital keys in this game, the up arrow key, the down arrow key and the space bar.

You can adjust your ballista using your up and down arrow keys, aiming at the bullseye on the target. When you think you are aiming at the right spot, hold down your space bar key to build up power. The amount of power needed depends on how close (or far away) the target is. After building up to what you feel is the right amount of power, release the space bar to send the arrow hurtling towards the target!

Game Setup

Game Play

Each game consists of 10 shots in which your aim is to score as many points as possible. Firstly, it is usually best if you adjust your ballista so it is aiming a little bit higher than the bullseye on the target. Then comes the trickier part of deciding how much power you're going to need to make the shot! As a general rule, the further away the target is, the more power you're going to need, but don't go overboard! There's a fine line between too much and not enough power. The only way to get a feel for how much power you need is to play the game a lot! *Listens for groans.* Generally, you will not need to build your power meter up more than half unless the target is at quite a large distance from the ballista. If you manage to hit the bullseye on your last shot, you'll earn 3 extra shots! Woohoo!


Each ring on the target is worth a set amount of points. Starting in the centre, the red bullseye is worth 10 points. The next white ring is worth 5 points, followed by a red ring worth 3 points, another white ring worth 2 points and a further red ring worth 1 point. If you hit the backboard, you do not earn any points at all.

Target Points


Image Name Description
Bouncing Bull Bouncing Bull The target gets bigger and smaller. If you hit any of the rings, you'll get a power-up!
Fire Hoop Fire Hoop Pass the arrow through the fire hoop for double the points!
Moving Target Moving Target The target moves left and right. If you hit any of the rings, you'll get a power-up!
Three Shots Three Shots Shoot three bolts at once.
Inverted Target Inverted Target Shooting the bullseye earns no points, while hitting the backboard earns the most.


There are several bonuses in Ultimate Bullseye II that pop up every now and then, including an appearance from Punchbag Bob!

Red Meridell Balloon

The red balloon is worth 5 points if hit with an arrow. If you hit the balloon and then hit any of the rings on the target you gain another 25 points plus the amount for the ring. This means you could score anywhere from 31 to 40 points in the one shot.

Red Meridell Balloon

Gold King Hagan Balloon

The gold balloon, ironically with King Hagan from Brightvale on it, is worth 10 points if hit with an arrow. If you hit the balloon and then hit any of the rings on the target you gain another 25 points plus the amount for the ring. This means you could score anywhere from 36 to 45 points in the one shot.

Gold King Hagan Balloon

It is also possible that both balloons will appear at the same time! Cha-ching! If you hit both balloons and your arrow lands on the target you could score anywhere from 66 to 75 points! The breakdown of this is 5 points for hitting the red balloon, 25 points for hitting the target, 10 points for hitting the gold balloon, 25 points for hitting the target and a minimum 1 point (up to 10 points for a bullseye) for landing your arrow on the target. Also, if you're lucky enough to hit both balloons and then score a direct hit on Punchbag Bob's apple, you can bag yourself a whopping 85 points. :)

Red and Gold Balloon

Punchbag Bob

Instead of the usual target, Punchbag Bob can take its place. If you hit anywhere on Punchbag Bob you earn 5 points. If you manage to hit that shiny red apple sitting on his head, you score 20 points! Hitting the apple also gives you a random bonus power-up! Do note, however, when Punchbag Bob is in play, no power-ups can be used. So, if you clicked to use a power-up and Punchbag Bob appears as the target, that power-up is returned to your stash!

Punchbag Bob


  • While in game play, type in 'catapult' to receive a free, random power-up! This can only be used once per game.
  • You do not have to use the power-ups you get. If there's one you do not like, do not use it!
  • Obviously, you cannot use more than one of the same power-up in any one go. (Perhaps the PPL were afraid a Fire Hoop double the size of normal was a little too risky for the Buzzer and even the Turtum himself!)
  • The Bouncing Bull and Moving Target power-ups can be difficult to score a decent amount of points on due to the fact they move in one way or another. If you think you can hit any one of the rings then you should use the power-up as hitting anywhere on the target gives you another (hopefully better) power-up.
  • The Fire Hoop power-up is your friend. Your best chance at scoring enough points to unlock the avatar for this game is through the Fire Hoop and the bonus balloons.
  • Your power meter builds up faster when using the Moving Target. Pay careful attention to the power meter when using this power-up. Also, the power meter can build up faster when using multiple power-ups and when balloons are in play.
  • It is helpful to use the Three Shots power-up when a balloon is in play as you are more likely to hit the balloon as well as hitting the target. Unfortunately, there's no way to know when you may get a balloon as they appear randomly. Keep your fingers crossed when you choose to use this power-up!
  • If you end up with a Three Shots power-up and an Inverted Target power-up, using both at the same time on your final shot is a good way to try and get yourself those extra three shots! (Thanks to ana_lok for the tip!)
  • As always, practice makes perfect. If you play a little every day, in no time at all you'll be able to judge the aim needed to hit the bullseye and how to negotiate the power needed to hit the target for different distances!

Hurhurr, at this distance it's easy



Turtum / Guide

Send a score of 100+ points in Ultimate Bullseye II.

This avatar can currently only be awarded from the Flash version of the game. The HTML5 version does not yet award it.

When activated, the 2019 Charity Corner perk, More for Less, decreased the score needed to 80+ points.

Released: January 21, 2004

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