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Ultimate Bullseye I

This game has been retired! It is no longer playable in any form. Current Version »

In Ultimate Bullseye you play as a Turtum trying to hit the target (or get a bullseye)! Like most games, you just need to practice and get a "feel" for the game.

The Controls

The controls are rather simple. You can adjust your crossbow by pressing the up or down arrow keys. When you think you've got the crossbow aimed at the right place, you can hold the space bar to build up power. Depending on how close the target is, you may need little or a lot of power. Release the space bar to let the arrow go whizzing through the air!

If the target is far away...

First of all, you're going to need a bit more power. If the target is far away you may want to aim your crossbow a little above the bullseye. Not too far though! Once you have played the game enough times you may get a feel for the game's simulation so you'll know exactly where to aim! You want to aim higher than the bullseye because the target is farther away and the arrow will decend. Just keep practicing!

If the target is close...

You'll need less power. If the target is close then aim at the target at an upward angle. If you're aiming upward you want the tip of your arrow to be pointed RIGHT at the bullseye! Be sure not to give it too much power though!


If you get a bullseye (10 points) you get a POWER up! This COULD make the game easier, some power ups are hard to play. If you get a bullseye you'll notice a little letter. To use it, click it, and then go onto the next shot and it will activate the power up! (Remember, you can use multiple power ups in one shot; for instance, you can have a flaming, centered Punchbag Bob target to shoot at.)

Here is what each power up does:

  • B - Makes the bullseye ring bigger
  • P - Punchbag Bob appears and you have to hit the apple on his head (if you do you get 20 points and another power up!)
  • C - Makes the target super-close
  • F - Fire hoop - pass through the fire hoop to earn 2x points whichever spot you hit on the target (but they only work one at a time; you can't use two and get 4x points)

Lastly, there is a very cool cheat in the game! Simply type "catapult" for a free, random powerup!

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