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Ugga Smash

Ugga Smash Information
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Get ready for a demolition derby like never before, Tyrannia-style! What's more fun than pitting yourself against your buddies while destroying your vehicle and theirs in the process?

In Ugga Smash, you can either grit it out solo in 1-player mode or play along with your friends in multiplayer! May the best (or least destroyed) car win!


The controls in Ugga Smash are simple, but take a little bit of time to get the hang of.

1-player mode: Arrow keys (I suggest using the arrow keys only for this mode, as they are the easiest to control your car with)

Multiplayer mode:

  • P1: Arrow Keys
  • P2: S, Q, A, Z
  • P3: F, C, V, B
  • P4: I, J, K, L

To start the game, hit the up key on whichever set of controls you would like your car to have.

To move the car you selected, press and hold down the "up" key according to your controls. Move right by hitting and holding the "right" key, and vice versa for moving left. Hitting and holding the "down" key will propel your car backwards.

Note: You cannot earn Neopoints in multiplayer mode.


Turbo Gives you a burst of speed for a short amount of time. It's useful if you like going super-fast and destroying your opponents, but it gives you less control over your car. It also causes the walls to disappear for the duration of the powerup.
Invincible Prevents you from taking damage for a short amount of time. A great powerup for racking up points!
Slide Makes you slide all over the place, making controlling your car difficult. It does give you a wider range of motion, but I don't recommend getting it.
Health Gives you more health, but not a lot. Anything is better than nothing, though!
Death Hitting the Red Grarrl will instantly kill you or your opponents. It tends to move around in unpredictable circles and is able to destroy everyone in one fell swoop. Avoid at all costs!


Ugga Smash seems like a simple game, but it's actually not as easy as it looks. There are several things you have to watch out for in the game that could make or break your score! Below is a detailing of what your screen looks like in-game.

The whole point of the game is to destroy everyone but yourself. You earn 5 points for every hit you make against an opponent, which is denoted by a floating green "+". A red "X" means you took a bit of damage, which increases as you progress into the later rounds.

There are a total of five rounds, and each round lasts for 60 seconds. The timer in the top left hand corner doesn't give you a number, but rather an estimate of how much time you have left.

The health bar at the bottom indicates how much health you and your opponents have left. Again, in the later rounds you will notice that each car takes more damage from each successive hit.

Power-ups are random, as well as the Red Grarrl. Sometimes they don't even appear for a round or two!

Angry Grarrl
Lazy? I have to scare the life out of innocent Pteris too, you know!
Can't a Grarrl catch a break?!


One thing that I find helps me to rack up points quickly is something I call "trapping." Basically, you pin one of your opponents against a wall and mercilessly bash them until their vehicle is completely destroyed! You take a little bit of damage, of course, but this method will minimize the amount of damage you take than if you were openly running into your opponents.

This is easier to do in a corner, but it's a bit riskier. Your other opponents can trap you instead! If you get trapped, just go backwards (or forwards, depending on your position). Your opponents aren't smart enough to adjust their car to keep you against a wall.

Trapping is most effective in the first round because that's where the cars take the least damage from each hit, thus giving you lots of points.

Grackle Trap eating P3
In the absence of one of these, you'll have to do your own trapping.

Another good tip for gaining points is to not let your opponents run into any Red Grarrls during any of the rounds. You can only gain points when your opponents still have health...killing them prematurely lowers your score!

You can try and prevent your opponents from running into the Grarrl by hitting them away from it. Sometimes this will work, but again, your opponents aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer...they'll run into it anyway. Just be careful not to kill yourself in the process!


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