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Tyrannian Mini Golf

Tyrannian Mini Golf Information
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Your goal for Tyrannian Mini Golf is to get the ball in the hole eighteen times—just like regular miniature golf. However, Neopets has added lava pits, sand traps, rotating fans, trick holes, ramps, and a time bonus to make the game more challenging. You can play just the first nine holes, the last nine holes, or the full set of eighteen. The maximum score Neopets will display is 900, but full Neopoints and high scores will still be awarded for scores over 900. The highest score theoretically possible is 1350 (18 rounds of hole-in-ones), not including time bonuses.


A quick glance at the game interface, obstacles, and some tips!


  • Hole In One - 75 points - Getting the ball in the hole in only one shot.
  • Eagle - 50 points - Finishing the hole in two shots under par.
  • Birdie - 25 points - Finishing the hole in one shot under par.
  • Par - 15 points - "Standard" number of strokes to finish the hole, listed at the bottom of the screen on each level.
  • Bogey - 10 points - Finishing the hole in one shot above par.
  • Double Bogey - 10 points - Finishing the hole in two shots above par.
  • Better Luck Next Time! - 10 points - Finishing the hole in at least three shots above par but under 10 shots altogether.
  • [Maximum] - 10 points - There is a maximum of 10 strokes for a hole. Then you skip to the next hole, with 10 points for trying.
  • Skip Hole - 0 points - Click this in the bottom right corner to skip a hole and receive no points for it.

Tricky Levels

In the level "Impossible?", look carefully for the hole inside one of lava pits that will transport your ball to the next part of the course.

In the hole "Mean", the water pit in the bottom left corner is just an illusion, and you can shoot your ball right over it.


  • The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy: Click the Hard Hitter Lupe's pupil on the Choose Your Character screen to get Oliver. You can also press tab about four times (so the Lupe's pupil glows yellow) and press enter. Oliver is a little stronger than the Lupe in his shots. In the hole editor, when testing a hole, press tab only two times to get Oliver and press enter.
  • Exploding Button: This will end your current game, so watch out! After finishing any hole, place your mouse slightly over the "Continue" or "End" buttons so that it shakes. Keep it there until it explodes! Unfortunately, this means you can't continue and have to end the game.

The Hole Editor

Tyrannian Mini Golf is one of the Neopets games in which you can make your own levels! To do this, visit the Hole Editor, which is linked to from the description on the game page. The Tip of the Day (which actually changes every time you see it) and the Help feature on the left side should answer most of your questions. Remember that there are two levels to the game, and every piece needs a border. Take care not to make it impossible!

TNT used to feature a weekly Minigolf Spotlight. Although the spotlight was discontinued in June 2009, you can still play the winning levels!

The Minigolf Spotlight trophy

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