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Turdle Racing

"Poogles?? Why would someone want to watch Poogles running about?"

The next time you're vacationing in Meridell, make sure you don't miss one of the kingdom's oldest attractions: Turdle Racing! What is this Turdle Racing, you ask? Why, it's perhaps the greatest thing to come to Neopia since the Wheel of Excitement!

Unlike its counterpart Poogle Racing, Turdle Racing does not have an avatar, and it doesn't give out trophies. So why bother playing? Because it's far more fun than betting on Poogles, of course! And there may be some Neopoints involved. But mostly you should play because Poogles are silly!

The Turdles

Here's a screenshot of the first thing you see when you get to the Turdle Racing kiosk. The nice Scorchio who mans the desk will tell you what time it is, how much time there is left in the Neopian day, and how many bets you can make during the remainder of that day.

"Feeling lucky today? Place a bet!"

If you click on the Go to Betting Page link on this page, the Scorchio will lead you back to the Turdle Racing Betting Shop. Here, you can place your bet (a maximum of 1,500 NP) on the Turdle of your choice. You can even feed it something to give it extra energy, ostensibly to give it a better chance of winning, but it does not seem to actually have any effect.

The following table gives the list of the Turdle Racers with their descriptions and odds of winning:

Turdle Contestants
Image & Name Description Odds

#1: Stinky
Stinky is fastest turdle this side of Tyrannia. If you think he is losing, think again, as Stinky is reknowned for unexpected last-second victories! 3:1

#2: Poopy
Poopy is a cunning little turdle, employing every trick in the book to make sure he comes in first. 4:1

#3: Smelly
Smelly's unique advantage is that other turdles keep well away from him, mainly due to the fact he never washes! 5:1

#4: Squelchy
Squelchy sometimes sticks to the floor... so if you see him not moving for a while, he probably needs a little shove. 7:1

#5: Nutty
This crazy turdle will do anything he can to run straight for the finish line, but beware - expending lots of energy makes him prone to randomly falling asleep. 9:1

Based on the odds, you're probably inclined to bet on the first couple Turdles, but it's not always so easy as that. It's tough to predict which Turdle will win, so just watch the Scorchio's hints, and bet on whichever Turdle you prefer.

Betting and Feeding

Once you've chosen the (hopefully) winning Turdle, you'll need to place your bet. The minimum bet you can place is 1 NP, and the maximum is 1,500 NP. Naturally, the greater the bet, the more you can win. You can bet a maximum of three times per day, so if you're good at guessing the fastest Turdle, you can make a fair sum each day!

If you win, you will get paid out at the Turdle's odds. For example, if you bet 1,000 NP on Turdle 5 (who has 9:1 odds), you will win 9 * 1,000 = 9,000 NP.

On the betting page, you can also feed your chosen Turdle a tasty treat. This is completely optional, but if you're feeling generous, you can give the Turdle an incentive to run faster. You won't get to keep the item after the race, so be sure not to give it something expensive unless you mean to!

The Race

After you place the bet, you'll be taken to the stands to watch the race, where you'll see the Turdles "running" around aimlessly in the racing ring. The idea is that the Turdles are trying to reach the black line around the perimeter first, but the Turdles tend to run very erratically. In fact, it's actually possible for a Turdle to stop exactly before the line, thus losing the race.

Better luck next time.... *sniff*

It's quite possible to lose all three bets, even if you bet on the same Turdle every time, especially if you're betting on the 9:1 Turdle. But it's also possible to win all three if you're very fortunate! So good luck, and have fun betting!

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