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So? You think you have the strength and agility to play this game? Brilliant.

Aim of the Game:
To tug your opponent into the river, before they do it to you, of course!

How to Play:
You have to press the 'Z' and 'X' keys on your keyboard to make your character struggle backwards. You need to be able to do this fast, but not so fast that you hit the keys at the same time - doing so will cause your character to stop struggling at all until you start hitting them rhythmically again. So to speak, you actually don't need to do this quickly, but if you keep up a steady pace at hitting the keys separately then you should do well. Remember: There is no time limit in this game.

(If you wish to play Two-Player, your opponent will use the '1' and '2' keys instead of 'Z' and 'X'.)

Now, when a magic cloud appears (see above), you will have to momentarily stop pressing the 'Z' and 'X' keys and quickly type in the three letters. They will only be from the letters E, Q and W. This will cause your opponent to become dizzy and they stop pulling on their rope. When this happens, I strongly recommend that you quicken your pace of hitting the 'Z' and 'X' keys so that you can pull them into the river while they're momentarily paralysed. You can tell they're dizzy by the birds spinning around their heads (see below). The 'dizziness' lasts five seconds .

There is more than one round; and each time you pass a round the opponents get harder. Be warned.

Opponents: [Difficulty Rating 1-5. 1 being easy, 5 being hard.]

Theibos -- DR: 1
This is of course the easiest opponent out of six. If you keep the typing of 'Z' and 'X' steady, you'll have him in the water within fifteen seconds ^_^.

Khadir -- DR: 2
Though not much harder than Theibos, Khadir is stronger but as before, if you keep the typing rhythmic then you should have him in the water in no time.

Ramset -- DR: 3
This little fellow is quite a bit harder then Khadir and I recommend that you speed up your typing of 'Z' and 'X' whilst with this opponent because he's pretty quick.

Horak -- DR: 3
Fast and strong, this Aisha looks delicate but is far from it. I strongly recommend that if you get a magic cloud use it and speed up the typing. I think she's about the same as Ramset, but stronger not faster.

Truggdon -- DR: 5
This is by far the most difficult opponent. He's very, very strong and if you falter for even a moment with your typing, he'll pull you in. Again, if there is a magic cloud use it but try and type the code as quickly as you can. For this opponent I strongly suggest that you speed up your typing of 'Z' and 'X' a lot.

??? -- DR: 4
This Jetsam is easier than Truggdon in that he's not as strong, but he is quite a bit faster. With the same suggestion for the magic cloud, and also keep the typing steady. It's easy to do it too fast by this point, but try and keep it rhythmic.

As you may have noticed, you can choose not only to be Brucey B, but also a range of the other characters: Theibos, Khadir, Ramset and Horak. To activate the code, simple type it in.

Character ... Code
Theibos ..... lrslsts
Khadir ..... sltltsr
Ramset ..... sslrtrl
Horak ..... lrlrss

Now go and have some fun! Even if you don't win the round first go, keep trying =).

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This game guide was written by: Luneh