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Tubular Kiko Racing

Tubular Kiko Racing Information
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Almost everyone's been to a water park before, and no water park is complete without a lazy river! Sadly, the river in this game can't really be considered lazy, and Kavi is having a heck of a time trying to stay afloat. Armed with just an inner tube, Kavi must battle it out against the river rapids, whirlpools, and river debris, all while avoiding arrows. It'll be a miracle if his inner tube stays intact through the levels. It's your job to help this young Kiko accomplish his goal of taking first place in the race!

Normally, you wouldn't seem to stand a chance against these odds, but here's where Kavi has it made. He's been granted three lives, and you only have to cross the finish line with one of them! Do you think you have what it takes to win first place in the Kiko Lake Tubing Race?


Controls for this game are rather goofy. You can move your inner tube to the right and left, and also move backward or forward simultaneously. This'll help you get out of tight spots. You can set the controls up differently if it suits you better by going to the control menu. To move back and to the left, use your down arrow key, and use up to move back and to the right. To move forward and to the right, use the left key, and the right key to move forward and to the left. Luckily, it's not as confusing as it sounds. The directions are based on the character facing you.

You are also able to shoot your enemies as you travel down the river using the spacebar. This can be useful to reduce the amount of arrows you need to dodge, but should be the last thing on your mind as you race down the river.

Game Objects

Things to Seek Out
Object Effect
Bonuses You'll find these bonuses floating in the river for you to grab. Each one is worth 1-10 points, increasing by one point with each additional bonus you collect, up to 10 points.
Bullets You can collect bullets (which come in packs of three) that allow you to fire at the enemy Kikos on the river bank. Don't worry about these; they aren't necessary to your game.
Shield You can collect umbrellas from the water, which will shield you from two arrows apiece. These are a great asset to your game.
Waterfall This waterfall will temporarily boost your speed, and help you escape arrows with ease.
Checkpoint Each checkpoint will give you a nice 30 point bonus! The 30 point bonus remains constant, unlike the bonuses mentioned above. If you hit them from the side, they will shrink, so make sure you go straight through the middle!
Things to Avoid
Obstacle Effect
These obstacles won't make you lose one of your precious lives, but they will slow you down quite a bit, leaving you vulnerable to arrows!
Enemies and Arrow Arrows, shot by enemy Kikos, will pop your inner tube and cause you to lose a life. Do your best to steer clear of their path! If you venture too near the enemy Kikos, you will most likely lose a life - if they shoot an arrow, it will hit you immediately.
Whirlpool You will also encounter whirlpools, and these are much more deadly! Even hitting one with just the side of your inner tube will cause it to burst and you will lose a life. Avoid these at all costs.

Additional Tips

  • This game has three levels, which get progressively more difficult. Keep in mind that there is no pause button. If you need to take a quick break, you should use the break in between each stage for this purpose.
  • To wriggle yourself out of an obstacle, hold down both the left and right arrow keys at the same time. This makes Kavi go into overload and zoom out of the obstacle! You can also paddle backwards by holding the up and down keys simultaneously.
  • Your main priority should be checkpoints, then the bonus items, and then shooting the other Kikos. The arrows aren't very likely to hit you, and an umbrella will shield you anyway. Since shooting the Kikos doesn't keep them down very long, you shouldn't shoot unless you're very confident in your Kiko Racing skills. If you keep that as your maxim, you are much less likely to die and will get a relatively high amount of points! If you are confident in your skills, you will receive a 10 point bonus for hitting an enemy.
  • If you're playing for a gaming event and just need to meet a minimum score, pressing and holding the Left and Right arrow keys the entire time will net you a score that's most likely sufficient enough for the challenge. (Usually ranges from 400-550 points.)

This game has good graphics and fun music - if you give it a chance, I think you'll love it! It's fast-paced and gives a lot of Neopoints in that short amount of time. So, get first place in the Kiko Lake Tubing Race: Are you up to the challenge?

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This game guide was written by: Andrew