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Treasure of the Black Pawkeet

So ye be wanting ter find the Treasure of the Black Pawkeet? Arr, go 'head 'n try yer luck!

How to Play

Once you agree to pay the 300 NP fee, you will be presented with a game board. Click anywhere on the board in order to guess the location of the treasure, and hope you come up with a prize!

You can play this game every three hours. On some occasions the game is discounted, most notably in the month of November in celebration of Neopets' birthday. During November, it will cost you only 150 NP, and on Neopets' actual birthday (November 15), the game will be 0 NP!

Buried Treasure Game Board


The actual game board is made up of thousands of different coordinate combinations. After you 'search' for the treasure, look at the URL of the page you are on to see the coordinates you clicked. For example, if you see ",140" this means you used the coordinates (96, 140) where 96 refers to the horizontal coordinate (left to right) and 140 refers to the vertical coordinate (top to bottom). If you want to search for the treasure using exact coordinates, instead of randomly clicking, simply enter them into the URL as shown. The highest coordinate you can use is 473.


There are a number of prizes you can receive from Buried Treasure:

Buried Treasure Prizes
Image Prize
Blank Scroll No prize.
Small Neopoint Scroll 500 Neopoints
Large Neopoint Scroll Either 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, 5,000, or 20,000 Neopoints.
Booby Prize Scroll One of the booby prizes listed in the table below.
Dubloon Scroll One Dubloon Coin
Jackpot Scroll The current jackpot's value!


You also have a chance at receiving an avatar whenever you pull out a winning ticket:

Aisha Scalawag

Aisha Scalawag / Guide

Random when winning a prize (including booby prize) at Buried Treasure.

Released: January 23, 2005

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