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Neopets: Treasure Keepers

This game has been retired! You may no longer play it in any form. When the game was discontinued, a special Grundo's Warehouse code was issued with some special prizes. You can find details on redeeming it below.

Your Shop

In Neopets: Treasure Keepers, your shop is your home base. Here is where you'll sell the treasures you obtain, rest and restore your health, and be contacted by those who need your help.

Getting Started

When you first start playing, you'll have a few pieces of furniture and a small number of items. You're welcome to start with just these, but it's in your best interests to do a few journeys through the maps right away, and come back with your rewards. That way, you can start selling items, working toward the piles of shop-related achievements, and gaining experience - all while healing up any damage you've taken in your journeys.

Selling Items

It'd be silly to have a shop and not be selling anything - and there's a great deal to gain from sales! In addition to the money and experience, you'll also be working your way up to a large number of achievements. To get there, however, you'll actually have to put some items up for sale. There are two ways to do this: you can click on one of your tables that has nothing on it, or you can click on your vault and select an item to sell. Then choose the "Place" option and click on an available area on your table to put it down. Make sure your shop is open so customers can enter! If the icon on the bottom right is green, you're good - if it's blue with a moon, your shop is closed! Click on the icon to change your shop's status. You can also check this by looking at the door - if it's open, so is your shop!

An item can only be placed somewhere that's unoccupied - light means it's good, red means not!

When an item is sold, you'll earn the gold that the customer paid as well as experience points. The amount of experience you earn is directly related to the item's rarity - a common item will earn you 1 XP, an uncommon item will earn you 5 XP, a rare item will earn you 25 XP, and a super rare item will earn you 100 XP.

Gallery Items

If you are looking to show off some special items, but do not want customers to purchase them, you will need to put the items in a gallery case. You can find display cases in the Shopshop under the Display - Gallery section. A special glass covering will showcase these items, while keeping grubby hands off!

Reserved Items

To reserve items for your friends and neighbors, you will need to purchase a reserved table in the Shopshop. They are located in the Display - Advertisement section. Items placed on these tables can only be sold to friends. You can also earn achievements for advertising your sales, and having friends make purchases from your shop. To advertise a sale item to your friends, click and hold your mouse button until the options appear. Select the Advertise option to alert your friends to a great deal!

Modifying items

Each item has a set price that it is likely to sell for - you can change this after you have placed the item on a table. Click on the item you wish to modify, and hold the mouse button until the modifying options appear. You can choose to raise or lower the price of the item by clicking on the up/down arrows on the re-price section. Be warned, though - if you set a price too high, it isn't likely to sell! You can also choose to store the item back in your vault, or to move it to another table.


Costumers will try to haggle the price of an item. This will happen randomly (approximately every 1 out of 10 items sold). A haggling icon will appear in the left hand corner, if you fail to click the icon in time, the costumer will purchase the item at the listed price. Haggling is beneficial when trying to sell items higher than the listed price; for complete details, check out our Haggling guide!

The Shopshop

While going on adventures will give you plenty of items to sell, they won't give you everything - display tables, decorative items, petpets, and boosts all need to be purchased from the Shopshop. This lovely little place (accessible from the bottom left of your shop) sells items for both gold and Facebook Credits.

Decor items are those that are merely there for decorative purposes - statues, flowers, paintings, and random knick-knacks can be found in this section. Display is where you can purchase decor items that serve a purpose - all sorts of tables can be found here! Boosts is where you can purchase potions to use during adventures - they'll either temporarily increase your stats or heal you. Petpets is exactly what it sounds like - a place to purchase friendly little creatures to help you out on your journeys. Lastly, Upgrades allows you to expand your shop size, buy specialty flooring, or choose a new wall colour.


When you first inherit your shop, it's pretty boring - it's up to you to make it your own! You can obtain all sorts of decorative items in the Shopshop, as well as through the "gifting" feature. Options are available both for Facebook Credits and for gold coins; they include expanding your shop, different furniture and decorations, specialty flooring, and wall coverings. You're also able to have one of your petpets in the shop, wandering around - the customers are certain to enjoy its antics.

Actually doing the decorating is fairly straightforward - once you've selected to place an item from your vault (or bought one from the Shopshop), all you have to do is click where you want to place it, provided the area is available. Make sure you're happy, though - changing placement after it's been set can be a headache.

It's important to have plenty of places to display your items!

Note: From a sales standpoint, it is recommended that you space out your tables so customers can walk around them and in between them. If a customer cannot reach an item, they cannot buy it!

Keeping your shop well decorated and well stocked is extremely important - the more spiffed up it is, the more your customers are likely to buy from you! (The chances of them paying higher prices increases as well.) You don't have to go out of your way to choose placement, but having even just a few decorations around can reap major rewards.


There are plenty of achievements you can earn while running your shop - from selling certain types of items, haggling, expansions, and more! For a full list of them, check out this page.


During Closed Beta, players could hire employees to take care of their shop. While this feature is currently disabled, it seems likely to come back in the near future. Keep an eye out on our Employees page for updates!

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