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Neopets: Treasure Keepers

This game has been retired! You may no longer play it in any form. When the game was discontinued, a special Grundo's Warehouse code was issued with some special prizes. You can find details on redeeming it below.

Resistance Quests

Michelle is a member of the Portal City resistance, and is always on the lookout for more supplies. Every 8 hours, she'll turn up in your shop and offer you a new quest. These quests differ from normal quests in several ways. She asks for regular items that can be found on adventure maps, not specific exclusive items like other quests. Also, her quests come with a time limit! For the first quest, this is 4 hours exactly, but this decreases by 5 minutes for every successful quest completed. As a result of this time limit, it is possible to fail Michelle's quests, unlike those given by other citizens. Don't worry though - if you fail a quest, it will only be 8 hours until the next one. Should you feel like you don't want to accept Michelle's quest, you can decline it.

The default quest reward is 25 XP and 50 Coins, and that reward increases by 25 XP and 50 Coins for each quest you complete in a row. However, that's not all that Michelle has to offer! She rewards frequent quest completers with exclusive items at the 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th quests onwards. These exclusive items are split into seperate pools for each quest tier.

5th Quest Rewards

Babaa Screen (Decor)
120 Points

Dark Shroom (Decor)
120 Points

Giant Firebloom (Decor)
150 Points

Resistance Gloves

Resistance Stash (Decor)
120 Points

Rubber Plant (Decor)
120 Points

Silk Scarf

Silk Vest

Silver Boots

Vine Sash

10th Quest Rewards

Aviary Statue (Decor)
150 Points

Flowering Ivy (Decor)
150 Points

Glamourous Sash

Kadoatie Carpet (Decor - Awarded x5)
120 Points

Leafy Forest Cloak

Noble's Outfit

Resistance Sash

Resistance Table (Decor)
150 Points

Silver Mail Gloves

Slumberweed Painting (Decor)
150 Points

15th Quest Rewards

Blue Noil (Petpet)

Enchanted Robe

Full Suit of Armour (Decor)
200 Points

Michelle's Scarf

Royal Portrait (Decor)
200 Points

20th Quest Rewards

Aquarium (Decor)
500 Points

Celestial Cloak

Enchanted Resistance Boots

Mounted Tentacle Monster (Decor)
500 Points

Petpet Scratching Tree (Decor)
600 Points

Red Babaa (Petpet)

Starry Slorg (Petpet)

Wall Fountain (Decor)
500 Points

Failing a quest will reset your count back to 0, so be careful! Once you complete a set of 20 quests, your counter will reset at 0, allowing you to try again for any items you may be missing.

If you already have an item that Michelle asks for, well that's great! As soon as the game finishes saving, she'll pop right back in with your reward! If you don't have the item on you, and you can't find it on an adventure map, you can also purchase the item from your friend's shop if they happen to have what you are looking for. Keep in mind that while she doesn't ask for quest-specific items, any other item is fair game - including those that can only be obtained from the special friend-unlock maps.

There are several achievements you can unlock by helping Michelle. They'll appear in the Stories section of your achievements listing.

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