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Neopets: Treasure Keepers

This game has been retired! You may no longer play it in any form. When the game was discontinued, a special Grundo's Warehouse code was issued with some special prizes. You can find details on redeeming it below.

Level Guide

As you make your way through Neopets: Treasure Keepers, you'll find yourself earning experience points and leveling up. As you gain levels, you'll find more and more sections of the game become available to you - new adventure boards, new items for purchase in the Shopshop, new Quests, and more. Below you'll find a list of the currently available levels, the experience necessary to reach them, and the things you'll unlock upon reaching them.

Experience Needed & Bonuses

Leveling Up
To get to... You need... And you'll have... You'll unlock...
100 XP 22 HP Topiary Trail
Long Wooden Table
Wooden Barrell
Lucky Bamboo
350 XP 24 HP Empty Cauldron
Cracked Clay Pot
Flower Painting
Square Blue Table
Peach Wallpaper
800 XP 26 HP The Scurryway
2 Max Customers
Merchants Guild Pennant
Square Green Table
Weathered Wooden Display Case
Nova Wallpaper
1,450 XP 28 HP Hunting Doglefox Statue
Venus Fly Trap Facebook credits
Wide Clay Pot
Blue Arrow
Square Pink Table
2,350 XP 30 HP Hedge Maze
Square Elegant Table
Long Gold Trim Reserved Table
Sandwich Advert
Song Flowers
Babaa Sculpture
Square Elegant Table
Basic Beige Wallpaper
3,500 XP 32 HP Spyder Lair
3 Max Customers
Large Candlestick
Square Window
Fake Employee
4,950 XP 34 HP Curious Meepits Statue
Dandelion Painting
Red Arrow
Wooden Pedestal
Simple Display Case
Azure Mosaic Carpet
Blue Carpet
Budget Carpet
Green Carpet
Purple Carpet
Red Carpet
Fern Carpet Facebook credits
Neopian Sarouk Carpet Facebook credits
Pirate Carpet Facebook credits
6,700 XP 36 HP Oubliette
Negg Advert
Forest Trail Painting
Paper Floor Lamp
Bright Green Wallpaper
8,800 XP 38 HP The Pier
4 Max Customers
Fake Kadoatie
Fake Shop Detective Facebook Credits
Classic Pedestal
Blue Bells
Sunset Painting
11,300 XP 40 HP Aviary
Giant Lotus
Fake Shop Assistant
Large Grid Window
Starry Yellow Wallpaper
14,300 XP 42 HP The Hungry Jetsam
Long Elegant Table
Scenic Landscape Painting
Meowclops Statue
Rude Daffodils
Mid Blue Wallpaper
Red Carpet
17,900 XP 44 HP The Stash
5 Max Customers
Puppyblew Statue
Iron Torch
Terracotta Floor
22,200 XP 46 HP Candelabra
Blue Footstool
Potted Asparagus Plant
Dusky Orange Wallpaper
Green Carpet
27,300 XP 48 HP Crumbling Tunnels
Enchanted Grove
Classical Cybunny Statue
Rectangular Window
Tile Floor
Classic Display Case
Grandfather Clock Facebook Credits
33,300 XP 50 HP The Junkyard
6 Max Customers
Magic Potion Advert
Meerca Atlas Statue
Classic Display Case
Wooden Counter Top
Pale Pink Wallpaper
Purple Carpet
40,300 XP 52 HP Deepest Dungeon
Kougra Topiary
Toothpaste Advert
Marble Floor
48,400 XP 54 HP Dancing Harris Statue
Elegant Bench
Flowery Green Wallpaper
57,700 XP 56 HP The Pride of Maraqua
Fungus Cave
Rainbow Morning Flower
Roaring Noil Statue
Blue Patterned Wallpaper
Mosaic Floor
68,300 XP 58 HP Drainworks
Attack of the Tentacle Beast
Singing Orchids
Scary Bearog Sculpture
Green Striped Wallpaper
Azure Mosaic Carpet

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