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Neopets: Treasure Keepers

This game has been retired! You may no longer play it in any form. When the game was discontinued, a special Grundo's Warehouse code was issued with some special prizes. You can find details on redeeming it below.

The Haggle Game

Haggling is a small mini-game you can play in your shop during Treasure Keepers, allowing you to get more gold coins for your items when customers buy them (or less, if you're not careful!). The game can be a bit difficult at first, but after a little practice you'll be haggling with the best of them!

Starting the Game

Haggling doesn't happen automatically - you have a randomised chance of being offered the chance to play the game every time an item is sold in your shops. Previously, you were able to opt in or out of haggling on a specific item, but that feature has been removed. Keep in mind that only items that can be sold are capable of being haggled. Items stored in display cases will not have haggling available. When you are given the option of playing the game, the following icon will appear in the bottom left of the screen:

Click on the icon to begin the mini-game. Beware though, customers will not hang around forever - if you don't click on the icon fast enough, it will disappear and the customer will buy the item at the regular list price.

Once the game starts, it essentially pauses the other things going on in your shop, so if you were just offered a quest, the conversation window would still be there afterward.

How to Haggle

Clicking on the haggle icon will launch the mini-game, and a screen similar to the following will be displayed:

Here, the name, image, rarity, and list price of the item are all displayed at the top. During the game, you control the white arm on the left, while the computer controls the brown arm on the right. The aim of the game is to get the brown arm towards the yellow/green area of the price bar.

To begin the game, simply click and drag the white hand to the right. You'll notice that the brown hand begins to move towards the left to meet the other. If you drag your hand too close to the customer's, you will shake and the final selling price will be decided. You can haggle up to a maximum of 20% over the original list price. But beware, by shaking hands on the red side of the scale, you can end up haggling up to 20% less than the list price, like below.

Ideally, you want to go to around an inch or two away from the customer's hand, and then begin slowly dragging your hand back towards your side. If you do it at the right speed, the customer's hand will follow. Be careful of speeding up though, as this can reset the customer's hand back to the starting position. The maximum price you can reach is displayed on the left of the coloured bar. Although this is displayed in the green section, you will actually reach this price in the yellow section - it is impossible to haggle into the green. A successful haggle should look something like the following:

Tips for Haggling

Keep in mind that the list price used is not the default price for an item, but the price you have the item set as in your shop, which can be raised or lowered manually. In this way, it is possible to get even more out of haggling by starting with a higher list price. However, if you try and raise the list price too high, customers won't buy the item, so there is a happy medium to be found with pricing.

It is also worth keeping in mind that the difficulty of the haggling mini-game changes depending on the rarity of the item involved. Common items are the most difficult items to haggle, while Super Rare items are very easy to haggle with.


Currently there are several achievements based on haggling, but to gain these it isn't enough to simply attempt the game; the achievements are awarded for haggling 10% over the list price 1, 10, 25, 50, 100, and 250 times. 10% can be difficult to keep track of in numbers during the game, so it is easier to remember that in order to qualify for the achievements, you need to shake hands in the yellow zone of the price bar.

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