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Neopets: Treasure Keepers

This game has been retired! You may no longer play it in any form. When the game was discontinued, a special Grundo's Warehouse code was issued with some special prizes. You can find details on redeeming it below.

Adventure Cards: Random Events

These cards appear when you land on the question mark space. They can be good, bad, or completely harmless! We've classified them as such below.

Good Random Event Cards
Image Card Text Effect
Golden Pteri
A golden Pteri flies past and showers gold coins upon you.
You receive a bonus amount of gold
Something Hasn't Happened
You thought something was going to happen, but thankfully it didn't.
Random item added to your backpack
You Feel Lucky
You find a luck point!
Receive one luck point

Bad Random Event Cards
Image Card Text Effect
Blue Sticky Hand
A blue sticky hand flies out of nowhere and steals something.
Lose one item from backpack
Delicious Biscuit
You stoop to pick up a delicious biscuit. Yum, but...somebody's stolen gold from you while you were distracted.
Lose random amount of gold
Hole in your Backpack
Oops, there was a hole in your backpack and something has fallen out without you noticing.
Lose one item from backpack
Money Tree Ghosts
The Money Tree Ghosts swoop past and steel your gold coins.
Lose random amount of gold
Pant Devil Attacks!
The Pant Devil swoops down and steals something from you.
Lose one item from backpack
A passing thief has relieved you of some coins.
Lose random amount of gold
An item in your backpack may have rotted and turned into sludge.
Lose one item from backpack
Street Urchin
A scruffy little urchin begs you for money. You toss him a gold piece.
Lose random amount of gold
Thieves Lair
You've stumbled into the secret lair of vicious thieves.
Lose random amount of gold

Harmless Random Event Cards
Image Card Text Effect
A Very Nice Hat
A stranger runs past you in a nice hat. A REALLY nice hat.
Abandoned Cell
Looks like someone was kept here a very long time.
Coin Beetles
You've found a huge pile of gold coi...oh no, it's just Coin Beetles :(
Cybunny in a Hurry
A Cybunny hops past you looking at his watch. He appears to be late.
Didn't Escape
You see the skeleton of a Draik here, chained to the wall.
You see the phrase SALLIX OUT! scrawled on the wall. Somebody doesn't like the queen.

What do you do if fierce Peophins has eaten too much tin of olives?
Hissing Cobrall
A Cobrall hisses at you and then backs away.
It is Pitch Black
You are likely to be eaten by a grue. Better get out of here fast!
Left the Iron On
My goodness, did you leave the iron on?
A Mirgle sits here playing with a wooden ball. It looks lonely.
Mmmmm .... Fondue
You suddenly feel like eating fondue, then the feeling subsides.
Nothing Has Happened
You breathe a sigh of relief.
Old Sea Dog
So we'd gone two months without water... An old sea captain spins you a yarn. Time to escape!
A Pawkeet is perched here. Pawkeet want a cracker?
Shady Character
A shadow moves suddenly.
Slithering Scamander
A Scamander slithers all over this event.
Symol Hill
A Symol pokes its head up, takes one look at you, and burrows away.
Tingly Toes
You feel a momentary tingle in your toes.

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