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Neopets: Treasure Keepers

This game has been retired! You may no longer play it in any form. When the game was discontinued, a special Grundo's Warehouse code was issued with some special prizes. You can find details on redeeming it below.

Starting an Adventure

While your Shop may be your base of operations in Treasure Keepers, it isn't going to keep itself stocked! Playing the different Adventure Boards will allow you to earn experience and gold, collect items for sale, and complete the Quests that come your way.

Getting Started

To begin an adventure, you'll have to go to the City Map. Once there, you'll want to click on an area to explore - such as the Palace Gardens - and choose one of the available adventure boards from within that section. After you've chosen a board, you'll have the option to choose a Petpet to join you on your current journey.

An area with an exclamation point has items for your current quest.

Once you've begun an adventure, you'll start by rolling the die; you'll then automatically move forward that number of spaces. The tile you end up on can have a special effect.

Note: If you need to flee the game at any time, you can do so by pressing the "Shop" button in the bottom left.

The Spaces

Adventure Tiles
Tip: Treasure Tiles give you gold or items.
Tip: Puzzle Tiles test your Puzzle Skill to determine which path you will take.

This tile requires you to spin a wheel. The probability of succeeding depends on the difficulty of the puzzle and the level of your Puzzle Skill. Succeeding at the wheel will open the path the Puzzle Tile is blocking and reward you Puzzle Skill XP and/or XP. Failing at the wheel will keep the path blocked and force you to take the normal path.
Tip: Trap Tiles use your Reflexes to avoid damage to health.

This tile requires you to spin a wheel. The probability of succeeding depends on the difficulty of the trap and the level of your Reflexes Skill. Succeeding at the wheel will reward you Reflexes Skill XP and/or XP. Failing at the wheel will take away some of your health.
Tip: Search Tiles test your Puzzle Skill to find items.

This tile requires you to spin a wheel. The probability of succeeding depends on the difficulty of the puzzle and the level of your Puzzle Skill. Succeeding at the wheel will reward you Puzzle Skill XP and/or XP/Gold/Items. Failing at the wheel will do nothing.
Tip: Movement Tiles alter your direction or the distance that you move.

If your direction is altered, it only lasts for that one turn. You proceed through the board normally when you roll again.
Tip: Random Tile - Anything might happen!
These tiles do nothing - they merely mark the direction you proceed through the adventure board. (Unless you are thwarted by a Movement Tile.)
These tiles aren't just there for filling in the gaps! You have a chance at randomly receiving Gold and/or Items when you land on any blank space.

The Top Bar

At the very top of the board, you'll find a bar filled with all sorts of data. This section shows you things like your current Health Points, Experience Points, Skill Levels, Gold, and more. If you're currently on a board where you can find items for a Quest, the item and the number you've collected will appear in the upper left. You can also see the specifics of how many items and gold you've uncovered so far, and access any boosts you may have in stock.

The Wheel of Uncertainty

When you land on certain tiles, such as those with puzzle symbols or enemies, the Wheel of Uncertainty will pop up. You'll then need to press on the wheel to spin it and reveal your fate. The difficulty of the spin will vary based on both the default difficulty of the tile, and your personal skill level in the related skill.

When you choose to try and take a longer path - generally with more treasure tiles - you'll need to first successfully spin the puzzle wheel. If you succeed, on your next roll you'll be able to choose whether you want to take that path or the main one.

Skills, Luck Points, and Petpets - Oh My!

When you land on tiles that let you spin the Wheel of Uncertainty, you'll find them affected by your current levels in certain "Skills" - Reflexes, Combat, and Puzzle. The higher your level in the related skill, the better your odds are when spinning. These skills are outlined in depth here. There are also other ways to guarantee a win when spinning - by using Petpets and Luck Points.

Each time you choose an adventure board, you'll also have the chance to choose one of your Petpets. Each Petpet is specialized in a certain skill, and can be used once per day to guarantee you a win when that skill comes into play. Luck Points, meanwhile, are refilled every day you sign in, and can be used to guarantee a win regardless of what skill is in play. To activate either of these, click on the related symbol to the side of the Wheel of Uncertainty.


If you're willing to shell out some real-world money for Facebook Credits (or have some friends who'll gift you), you can purchase some temporary boosts. These can be activated by clicking on the yellow bottle on the top right of the page; depending on the boost type, they will either heal you or raise your skill level in a certain area. Be warned, though - skill boosts are temporary, and the skill level increases will fade once you finish the map.

A good strategy for health boosts is to wait until it is absolutely necessary before buying or using them. If you are in a battle and your health has been significantly reduced, there will be a pop-up asking if you want to use a health potion. Even if you get down to zero health, there will still be a pop-up and then you can decide if you want to spend your money. (There are two other ways to replenish health points: leveling up or going to your shop and waiting for your character to slowly heal. The consequences of quitting an adventure are discussed further below.) If you lose all your health and are taken back to your shop from fainting, you will lose all your items and coins earned on that map.


Each adventure board has at least one enemy you'll need to defeat to move on. Upon reaching one, the Wheel of Uncertainty will appear; as usual, your odds are in direct relation to the enemy's difficulty rank and your own combat skill level. If you spin the wheel and land on green, your enemy will be damaged by one point and you will remain unharmed. Landing on red, however, means your enemy will remain as they are and you will lose several health points. If your health points become dangerously low, you may be presented with the option to run away (a white flag icon on the Wheel of Uncertainty). Fleeing will make your enemy disappear but you will end up retreating several spaces on the board, which prolongs your adventure as you will have to retrace your steps. You will also lose at least one random item that you have collected on the adventure.

An enemy that has been successfully defeated (i.e., you did not run away) will disappear from the board and reward you with experience and items.


As you travel around the board, you'll collect items and gold; you can see the current number in the top bar. Once you've finished your journey, you'll also earn extra rewards for completing the board.

Quitting an Adventure

You can exit an adventure at any time by going back to your shop (via the shop icon on the bottom left of the screen). Quitting is not the same as completing a board, it means you will lose your progress (i.e., the system will not remember where you were on the board and the next time you enter an adventure board, you begin at the starting point). However, you do keep any experience, coins, and items you have already collected (including quest items).

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