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Tiki Tack Tombola

I may not be a Neopet, but I'm just as awesome!

Everyone loves the Tiki Tack Tombola! Located on Mystery Island, it's a free daily activity that can award prizes and Neopoints, and is staffed by the ever-mysterious Tiki Tack Man. It's based on the real-life game of tombola, which is a type of raffle.

How to Play

To play Tombola, simply travel over to Mystery Island and find the stand, or click here. Then, simply click the button that says "Play Tombola!". At this point, you will be shown your ticket and your prizes (if you have won any). There are 21 possible tickets that you can draw, and any ticket that ends in a 0, 2 or 5 is a winning ticket. Of the 21 tickets that exist, only 4 tickets are winners, giving you roughly a 20% chance of winning at any given time.

Please note that you can visit Tombola only once per day. You are not permitted to visit on your side account, regardless of the circumstances.

Hours of Operation

There are certain hours of the day during which Tombola is closed. During these hours, you will receive a message that Tombola is closed and you will not be able to play. Occasionally the game will be slow to adjust to daylight saving time, so there are several days a year during which these times will be off by an hour.

  • 3am - 4am NST
  • 1pm - 2pm NST
  • 9pm - 12am (midnight) NST

Every now and then, the Tiki Tack Man is too generous with his prizes and ends up giving away more than he can afford. When this happens, you'll find Tombola closed while he asks for donations from kind Neopians. You can donate any amount of Neopoints to Tombola, or you can simply wait until the proper amount is raised. The game will reopen when the Tiki Tack Man has received all of the Neopoints that he is asking for, so keep checking back.


Tombola offers two different kinds of prizes: booby prizes and winner prizes. Winner prizes are awarded for receiving a winning ticket (one that ends in a 0, 2, or 5) and booby prizes are awarded for receiving a losing ticket. Not all losing tickets will award prizes; it is completely random as to whether or not you will receive a booby prize. Occasionally, the Tiki Tack Man will give you a small amount of Neopoints when you lose, with or without a booby prize.

Your prize will be 1-2 items and a small sum of Neopoints, usually around 100-200 NP. The maximum Neopoint reward is unclear, but we have received reports of up to 700 NP being awarded. Winner prizes are intended to be more valuable prizes, while booby prizes typically consist of "junk" items that have little to no value.

Winner Prizes - Exclusive

The following items can only be obtained from a winning Tombola ticket. They are not distributed anywhere else on the site.

Winner Prizes - General

The following items are "general" winner prizes, meaning they can be obtained both from a winning Tombola ticket and from other areas on the site.

Basic Codestones »

Any Gross Food r35 to r90 »

General Winner Prizes

Apple Fruit Pancakes

Assorted Fruits Stamp

Azzle Salad

Baby Blu


Bean Bag of Nova

Beetroot Ice Cream

Berry Onigiri

Blueberry Fruit Pancakes

Bottle of Grey Sand

Bottle of White Sand


Chocolate Faerie Log

Chocolate Kougra Pudding

Chokato Crepe

Chokato Kougra Pudding

Dark Island Palm Tree


Eo Codestone Plushie

Exploding Potion

Eye Of Mortog

Fruitmallow Grog


Glowing Sand

Green Mynci Sand Bottle

Hanging Fruit Basket

Harris Lamp

Heavenly Roast Turkey

Hula Aisha

Invisible Sand

Island Grarrl Plushie

Island Leaves and Flowers Foreground

Island Mystic Stamp

Island Pteri Plushie

Island Skeith Plushie

Island Slorg Usuki Set

Island Usul Bubble Bath

Islandberry Tea

Jhuidah Stamp

Kougra Tape Dispenser

Lu Codestone Plushie

Magic Wand

Main Codestone Plushie

Maractite Mynci Sand Bottle

Mau Codestone Plushie

Molten Frosting Cake Slice

Mystery Island Drum

Mystery Island Hut Stamp

Mystery Island Kougra Stamp

Mystery Island Paperback Book

Mystery Island Pop-Up Book

Never Ending Faerie Tales

Orn Codestone Plushie

Palm Frond Sculpture

Pull Along Kougra

Rainbow Fountain Secrets

Rainbow Sand

Regular Sand Smoothie

Ryshu Stamp

Sand Pit


Scotch Egg

Slice of Lemoran Pie

Snowberry Crepe

Strawberry Fruit Pancakes

Strawberry Kougra Pudding

Sunset On Mystery Island

Tai-Kai Codestone Plushie

Tears of the Water Faerie

Techo Master Statue

The Blue Tiki Sands of Time

The Holiday Sand

The Rock Pool and You: Your guide to Mystery Island Petpets

Thornberry Crepe

Tigerbuggle Fruit Pancakes

Tigersquash Crepe

Tigersquash Kougraclaw

Tiki Bucket of Sand

Tiny Edible Palm Trees

Tombola Tips

Triangular Flotsam Stamp

Vanilla Kougra Pudding

Vo Codestone Plushie


Wooden Meepit Totem

Wooden Snuffly Totem

Wooden Stahkee Totem

Wooden Warf Totem

Zeenana Crepe

Zeenana Stamp

Zei Codestone Plushie

Booby Prizes - Exclusive

The following items can only be obtained from a losing Tombola ticket. They are not distributed anywhere else on the site.

Booby Prizes - General

The following items are "general" booby prizes, meaning they can be obtained both from a losing Tombola ticket, and from other areas on the site.

Tombola Coins

Way, way long ago in the early days of Neopets, Tombola was not a free game—you had to pay to play using a Tombola coin. Now that Tombola is free, these have no function (other than as collector's items).

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